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Everyone should deserve a chance at love.

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



For someone so widely regarded as horrible, he had a very simple name.  His last name was much more widely known, recognized all over the world, mostly.  A few who knew more about him knew his first name.  The name was Adam Bent.  He was, ironically, extremely bent.  Not so much in appearance, no.  Like his name, he was simple in appearance.  He had typical brown eyes and brown hair shot through with streaks and tufts of gray.  He had a cruel, worn, wrinkled face that was clean-shaven only most of the time.  He had lived a long time, and he looked it, though his age did not affect the way he stood stiffly and straight, nor did it affect his ability to work and give out orders.  It was inside where Adam was truly bent.

Bent was the owner/CEO of a major company called, not surprisingly, Bent Inc.  It was the the worlds biggest supplier of packaged meat.  There wasnt a store you could go to that didn't have shelves of Bent brand meat.  The company owned slaughterhouses and meat manufacturing factories in almost every major country and even a few small ones.

Bent's business was so successful and wide spread that it is not surprising that Bent was rich.  Incredibly rich.  He was a billionaire.  He had started out, as all do, very small.  His father had been fairly successful if not particularly wealthy and when he died he left his only child Adam with his business, a slaughterhouse somewhere in the Americas.  It seems as if his father couldn't die soon enough.  Bent took over the business immediately at a relatively young age, no one knows exactly how young, and began at once to turn his fathers small business into something bigger.

Bent introduced new, more efficient and sanitary methods for slaughtering and packaging animals.  His ideas and new way of thinking gained him considerable recognition.  This recognition and efficiency in his work allowed him to grow and eventually become wealthy enough to purchase the factories his business had been supplying.  Bent revolutionized the slaughtering and meat manufacturing industry and went on to extend his new company, Bent Inc., into other parts of the world until he was as big as he was through his extraordinary determination, natural leadership, and, some say, deceitful ways.  For was it not said before that he was horrible?

Because of his extreme wealth and success, Bent earned power.  Although his company was that of slaughtering animals and meat manufacture, he had a big voice in politics and worldwide disputes.  As Bent grew to his power, something became more and more evident about him.  He was a horrible person.  While it seems his success was earned through hard work, some could not help but wonder if he did not use darker means.  Bent was a cruel, heartless man who drove his workers to the extreme overtime and with little pay.  While the work itself was far more efficient, the working conditions were horrible and the workers were treated poorly.  He also employed workers anywhere from too old to still have to be working to children too young to already be.

None of this was noticed in Bent's rise to power because of his now evident cunning and because the world had been too focused in his revolutionary methods until he was already too powerful to be easily contradicted.  It was also not noticed before the world became dependent on Bent's company to get it's particular products.

Bent was hated by many.  He had a black heart.  Those who met him in person said that he was cold and all business.  He was merciless.  He would not care if one of his workers was suffering at work, and would fire a man no matter what his excuse, be it the inability to get a job elsewhere or a stuggling family he had to feed.  He would fix them with a cold stare, if he actually met with them in person, and send them out.  He would throw someone out on the street even if they were on the brink of death.  To Bent they were all just animals that would some day be slaughtered.

At one point when Bent was already making millions a reporter was lucky enough to get an interview with him.  The reporter asked Bent if he was planning on using his fortunes to donate to any kind of charity, as most millionaires do.  Bent, cold as always, replied that he was not like all the other millionaires.  He would not squander what he earned through his own hard work on something as useless as some random group of people who needed other people's money because they needed help wiping their own mouths.  Despite the severity with which Bent spoke, the reporter was determined.  He went on to ask him about where he stood in the war and whether he planned to make any kind of contribution to either side.  To this Bent only said he could not care less that the rest of mankind was still stupid enough to attempt to tear itself to pieces and would not join in such frivolities while he was still alive and in charge of a business.  The reporter was shocked, for calling such a devastating war a frivolity is not something to go unnoticed, and Bent decided to end the interview there after answering only two questions.  Unfortunately, this was the only interview anyone ever managed to get with him but enough was seen of him afterwards to know that he truly had a heart as black as the first and only interview implied.

Adam Bent was completely indifferent to the woes and sufferings of everyone around him.  It seemed fitting then that he should be in the business of slaughtering animals.  He could stand in one of the rooms where the lives ended and watch, unflinching at the smell, the screams of pain and fear, as the beast looked up one last time, its eyes filled with fear and begging for mercy, and not feel a thing in his cold heart.  There are those with an evil heart that are sorry for what they do to others.  There are those who do not care about others, but feel self-pity in their evilness.  Then there are those who, like Bent, know that they are evil and do horrible things and do not care.  They do nothing in the way of acting on it or even giving a thought to it other than to acknowledge that it's there.  Bent had no mercy, no compassion, and no love for anything except his business, and he did not deserve to be shown any.

It seemed, though, that there was one thing in the world he did feel any kind of love for, besides his work, and that felt some kind of love for him.  Deep in one of his many large mansions, located mainly in the middle if nowhere, he had something that was always waiting for him.  Whenever he came home from his many trips around the world to his various buildings, he came home to his cat.  As far as anyone knows, the cat didn't even have a name, but neither man nor cat seemed to feel any need for one in their relationship.  It is believed that one day Bent came home from a long day of work at his new company and found a kitten sitting shivering on his doorstep.  No one has any idea what possessed him to show such an act of what seems like pity on the wretched creature.  He took the kitten in and let it live in his house alongside him and grow old with him.  Because of his stiff nature and absence most of the time, the cat had to learn to deal with being on its own most of the time.  However, the cat seemed perfectly fine with this and was content to simply be with him in the times he did come home and be loved.  Despite the man's cruel reputation and rough ways, the cat deemed him worthy of his love and whenever Bent came home from his travels the cat would crawl into his lap and they would rest together.

Many years after his death, after the initial shock and loss of such a big business had passed, people looked back and instead of remembering the unjust, corrupt man, they remembered his cat, and the love that was there.  For who could forget or ever understand how a heart so cold and black could allow in something so tender and beautiful?  It made people think no matter how awful you were, no matter what you had done in your life, you still deserved to be shown some love. To be given a chance at having it.

It was not surprising that eventually people grew sick of putting up with Bent.  A group of workers in one his many factories plotted a conspiracy amongst themselves.  They took advantage of an opportunity to meet with a neighboring company and somehow in secret ordered the creation and delivery of several explosives.  Apparently the workers' hatred for Bent went so deep that they did not only want the death of Bent himself, but the destruction of a considerable amount of his wealth.  During the night while Bent was visiting one of the biggest sites of his company, there was a series of explosions in the compound among his factory and slaughterhouses.  Bent was in his mansion a couple miles away when it happened, and could see the explosions and smoke.  Calm and cold as always, Bent knew his house was undoubtedly next and his business was at an end.  Of course he tried the doors, but his own guards had barred them from the outside and long since abandoned the mansion.  The rebellion had grown to a point of including workers from most of his buildings in this city as well as men from his security and staff within the house.  Bent had suspected some sort of conspiracy against him for a while, but even he, with all his intelligence and cunning, had not suspected it to be as progressed and widespread as it was.

Knowing his end was near, Bent prepared to meet it.  Records of what his own security cameras captured at this moment show Bent doing something no one expected.  In all his wealth, in all the riches and treasures of his vast mansion, of all the things to try to save or see or do, Bent went right to the heart of his home.  In a room filled with books and hunting trophies, and a large fire, the cat lay sleeping on a large overstuffed armchair.  The cruel, horrible man went to him in all that he owned and all that he was, and scooped him into his arms.  He sat on the chair and held the purring cat; it was oblivious to what was about to happen and was happy simply to see his friend again.  In the last seconds of his life Adam Bent buried his face in the cat's warm fur and sighed.  It was not a sigh of regret, or of sadness or fear, but one of acceptance, and, the more people watched the footage, one of love.  Love in the most unexpected place.

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