The Beauty of My Heart

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I've always had a weakness... This is a poem about beauty, but I realize now I should have added some things about beautiful feelings and sounds like music.

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012




In all the things that there are, I love the beauty of it all,

The beauty of the fruits of Earth steal my heart,

And my heart sees beauty in everything,

That soft spot in my heart just tears my chest apart,

And scatters the pieces to the beautiful wind;

To take it far away.

The Earth is full of beauty, nay, is beauty,

And it tears my very soul apart,

For the beautiful rushing water;

To take it far away.

The flow of grace that is the horse,

Flying across the ground,

The bottled fury of the tiger,

Lying braced without a sound,

The wheeling, feathered gull,

Crying despondently to the setting sun.

Such beauty in the plants of Earth,

The animals and water; the wind upon the ground.

Within every blade of grass, dew drops sprinkled glittering,

And delicate is the spider’s web, strands long and trailing,

Tall beauty in the mountain great,

Vastness wide and in the distance paling,

The bright face of the rising sun.

My heart is breaking from this beauty,

From curling smoke and rustling leaves all coloring,

From shining snow and rain all clouds are gathering.

Every thing of beauty that I see takes a piece of my heart,

‘Till all my heart is strewn across the land,

Sprinkled in all the places of the Earth,

For all places harbor beauty.

My heart is a bird, cradled closely to my chest,

And I give it freely, to the world,

Flying far, amongst it all,

And each beat of wings; a beat of my heart.

Flying long is my heart, but then for beauty, dying.


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