The Road Not Taken, or Already Taken?

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This was a project I did for my reading class a while ago based off of Robert Frost's poem A Road Not Taken. It helps if you read his version first.

Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012




If you came upon a road diverged, in a yellow wood,


Then perhaps you would consider where the roads converged.


For if there were another person, coming down one road,


They would see before them, the other choice


And the road from whence you came.


Or perhaps the road they choose is new altogether.



If this happened, would you realize


That your original path could be in fact,


A decision for another.


So as you choose your path from that before you,


You walk in fact down the original path of someone.


Someone who must choose your path or the other.



All this unless of course the path splits more,


To thirds and fourths, and ninths and more


And splits again each way;


Perhaps as you walk along the path your own


You come upon another fork


Which may lead in turn to yet another!



Oh to think of all the ways one can turn


Turn right, turn left


Will it circle around or go straight and true


Whose path will you end up walking on?


whichever way you choose to go

The best way is the way you don’t turn back.

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