The Shadow Behind

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This is about someone who has schizophrenia. It isn't very good-I know it doesn't flow very well...

Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012



I walk my walks, from day to day,
And talk to those I see,
But always in my mind I say,
A Shadow walks behind.

People always walk away,
And smile so politely
Each and every day,
But still I talk to all.

For this Shadow, as I’m talking,
Stands threatening behind,
And as I walk the Shadow’s stalking,
Always there, behind.

When I stop to sit and rest,
It leans close against a wall,
And I start walking lest
Someone sees the Shadow.

I’ve always known this creature,
A Shadow of my mind so says,
My parents, doctors, teachers,
And sometimes I believe them.

But when I do the Shadow looms,
And causes me to tremble,
And whispers words of death and doom,
Until I say he’s real.

And so I walk,
To get away.
And so I talk,
To forget.

This Shadow is messing with me,
Becoming all my world,
This Shadow is in all I see,
And is growing ever bigger.

One day my Shadow comes close,
And says he’s my only friend,
He tweaked my ear and touched my nose,
And I knew that this was true.

He never ever let me down,
And stayed always by my side,
He made me smile, made me frown,
And told me what to do.

My Shadow is so smart, I said,
But when the people walked away,
My Shadow taught me to make them sad,
To make them bleed and pay.

I told my Shadow this frightened me,
And tried to make him go,
But of course my Shadow, he could see,
And made me learn to hate.

He told me it was for the best,
That I must learn to listen,
This point he always tried to press,
And I followed him again.

That night he made me scream and cry,
For all that I had said,
He told me that I would surely die,
If I complained again.

I’d walk and talk again today,
But the Shadow was persistent,
So I obeyed and took my life away,
It made me sad that my Shadow died as well.

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