Aqua part 13 where loalty lies part 2

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o no she pasted out while fighting the monster but did she kill it? plus what or who did she fall on while landing?

Submitted: September 02, 2010

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Submitted: September 02, 2010



“Aqua, aqua are you ok?”

“Whoa what happened?” I quickly jolted upward and saw a strange man looking at me with concern.

“No offence but who the hell are you?!”

He just smiled which for some reason kinda creeped me out.

After my vision returned a little better I noticed he had an emo style hair cut where it was short but sum fell over his left eye, I also noticed that it was black and the piece that fell over his eye was a dark orange. His right ear also had a piercing in it and I believe it was a black cobra. He had on plain ninja pants and a plain black muscle shirt with a net top over it. But I think the thing that caught my attention the most was his eyes, they were cat like and a neon orange. Oh and he looked around maybe 2 years older then me so I’d say 16.

“Wait how did you know my name?” I asked scooting away from him.

“Please aqua don’t be afraid I’m your friend don’t you remember me?”

The only thing that came to my mind was ( um I’d think I would remember a face like yours) but instead I just said “ No”.

“Oh” he looked down as if I just said something that hurt his feelings.

“Am I suppose to know who you are?”

He suddenly grabbed my hand and gave me a look of desperation and passion.

“Please aqua you have to remember!” he sounded hurt and anxious like if I didn’t remember soon then the world would blow up or something.

I just stared at him like he was a complete idiot.

“Why, why cant you remember the love we shared?!”

“What the fudge are you talking about, I’ve never seen you in my life buddy boy”

I could tell he was about to say something else when I head rustling behind us in the bushes.

“Aqua where are you?” it was deidara.

O thank god deidara is coming cause I really don’t want to be left alone a minute longer with this maniac.

I quickly stood up and was heading to where I heard deidara when the man grabbed my wrist and I winced from the forcefulness of his grip.

“What the heck are you doing let me go” I stared at him and it was like his eyes were hypnotizing me.

“Aqua don’t go to him come with me instead” he said in a much softer tone.

I was about to respond when he suddenly grabbed at his head like it hurt and a moment later he looked up at me but this time his eyes where a blood thirsty red and his aura was just screaming evil.

His grip on my wrist tightened and he took a step closer.

“Back off!” I said putting my arm against his chest to stop him from getting any closer.

“Oh don’t give me that aqua you know you love me, you even told me yourself”

“Look you weirdo I don’t know you! You must have me confused with someone else”

He then pulled me into a hug and whispered something into my ear.

“You must remember. Until then I’ll be watching and waiting”

He let go of me and vanished into a puff of smoke.

“Aqua is that you!”

I turned around and practically fainted as I saw naruto and the rest standing before me.


“Kabuto sir, we have located the girl”


“And she was with an unidentified male”

“What did he look like?”

“Well we really didn’t get a good look at him sir” the guard said looking down.

“Then what the hell good are you!” kabuto said hitting the table with his fist which made his guards jump.

“I want a full report on this guy anything you can dig up about him. Got it?!”

“Yes sir. Oh and sir it also appears that she is living with the akatsuki clan”

Kabuto looked at his head guard with murderess eyes and his hand lit up with a greenish aura surrounding it and with one smooth motion he sliced his head guard’s throat.

“You!” kabuto said pointing at the guard to his right.

“Yes sir?” he said trembling.

“Congratulations you’ve just been promoted to head guard”

in front of kabuto the guard smiled but when kabuto left the guard collapsed to his knees mumbling “ Why me? Why?”


“Naruto, sakura, sasuke, kiba, what are you doing here?” I asked in disbelief.

“What do you mean what are we doing here? We’re here to rescue you of course” kiba said looking at me like a was the insane one.

“Come on aqua lets go home” sakura said reaching out her hand.

I just took a step back and said “No”.

They all just looked at me in shock.

“What do you mean no?” kiba asked.

“Look I appreciate you all coming out here to get me but…”

“What do you mean but?” naruto asked defensive like.

I just took a deep sigh and said “I know you guys are probably confused but the truth is…”

But just before I could finish my sentence deidara came crashing down and landed by my feet.

“Deidara what are you doing?!”

“Well I was just going to stay in the tree until you shooed them away but I got bored and on top of that I slipped” he said with a cheesy smile.

I just slapped my forehead and rolled my eyes.

I was in the middle of helping him up when he was suddenly pushed backwards and I somehow was by naruto’s side.

“Aqua stay back this man is a S ranked ninja” naruto said getting out his kunai knife.

“Naruto wait he’s my friend”

Right as I said that they all looked at me with there mouths open.

“WHAT!?” they all said in unison.

 But before I could say anything again ( which I’m really getting tired of) I heard a voice.

“Aqua, deidara what’s taking you guys so long?”

And of course it couldn’t have been tobi coming to check on us it just had to be itachi but I guess on the up side it wasn’t hidan.

Itachi stepped out from the bushes and entered the clearing.

“Um hi itachi how are you?” I asked innocently.

But instead of answering me he just stared at sasuke.

“Earth to itachi?”

He looked at me with an emotionless look and then walked over to me.

“Lets go aqua, deidara”

“Wait a minute itachi I’m talking to my friends”

“You knew that when you signed up to join are clan that there was no going back aqua”

“Yeah except your missing one thing….I DIDN’T HAVE A FREAKING CHOICE!!”

Just then sasuke charged at itachi with some lighting justu and itachi reacted by taking a step to the side and grabbed sasuke’s arm and he flung him back into a tree.

I just stood there in shock as I saw sakura rush over to sasuke already crying over him.

“Itachi you didn’t have to be so mean” I said scolding him.

I could tell that kiba and naruto wanted to rip itachi apart right there and then so I made up my mind.

“Everyone just calm the fudge down so I can speak!”

There was finely a moment of silence and I spoke.

“Look guys I already made up my mind my home is with the……

HAHAHAHAHAHA TO BE CONTINUED lol please rate and comment ;)

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