Aqua part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
please enjoy :)i know its not the best but just b pationt it gets better ;)

Submitted: February 05, 2010

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Submitted: February 05, 2010



BBBEEEPPPP! "Alright already darn clock" I said with a groan. Although I could have sworn I broke my clock yesterday. o well might as well get ready for school. After I got done with my morning stuff I headed out. As I walked out my front door I saw naruto waiting for me.


"Good morning to you to naruto but now I think I’m deaf" i said playfully.

"Oh sorry about that I’m just excited cause today we take the test to become ninja."

"Really?" I said with a gulp.

"Yup but don’t worry aqua are teacher is pretty fair I know you’ll pass."

"Thanks naruto same to you to so lets go and knock um dead." So we got to class and one after another took the test it was finely my turn and I got it on the first try. Then sasuke then naruto.

"YYYYYAAAAAYYYYY!" I said as naruto came over to me, we pasted! we pasted!

"Yeah I told you so"  he said winking at me. "Hey aqua do you wont to go celibreat with me at the ramen place?"

" Oh sorry naruto I’m ganna go train but you go ahead and have a good time. Ok?"

 "Ok" he said looking kinda sad but then he ran off to the ramen shop.

" I think ill go train by the river."

Huuummm I wonder if I should tell naruto about my powers? maybe not yet. When I got to the river I jumped in and I started my traing. After about 2 hours I got out and headed home. On my way home I ran into naruto sasuke and 2 girls I don’t know. One girl had long blond hair put up in a pony tail, the other girl had short pink hair with a leaf head band in it.

"Hi I’m sakura" said the pink haired girl.

"And i'm ino" said the one with the pony tail.

"Hi nice to meet you I’m aqua but you probably already know that." So were are you guys headed?

"Were headed to ino’s house to set up preparations for the graduation party. what to help us?"

" Sure" I said smiling.

When we got to ion’s house I thought it was so cool.

"MOM I’M HOME!" ino shouted.

 There was no answer.

"She must be at the store, come on over here this is my room."

 I looked around for a second and saw there was a living room with a small table with pillows around it and a long hall that led to her room. As we walked down the hall I went over to naruto and asked him wy sasuke was here.

"Because ino asked him and it was either this or train with guy-sensei."

"Oh" I said alittle cunfused. "So who’s this guy person?" I asked.

" He’s umm different" naruto said.

 I could tell by his face that this conversation was over.

So we entered her room and talked and talked about themes and colors. After about 4 hours it started getting dark and we said are goodnights and headed home.

"Hey aqua!"

 "Yeah naruto what’s up?"

 "Oh nothing I just wanted to tell you that I’m going over to eruka-sensei’s house so I cant walk you home."

"Its ok naruto im a big girl I can walk myself home" i said sarcastically.

"K then bye" naruto said running off in the opeset direction.

 So I started home. As I got closer to my apartment I thought I saw someone in the tree watching me, but I quickly brushed it away thinking it was a cat or bird. I entered my home and went into the kitchen for a drink, as I passed the fridge I noticed a note on it. I took the note and read it it said, "Dear Aqua I cant wait to talk to you at the party see you then." I probably read it 3 times before putting it down. I walked over to my window but saw nothing. "Oh brother aqua your just over reacting naruto probably put it there for a joke" I tolled myself. But then again I’ve been with naruto like all day. I wonder who did put it here and how did they get in? I decided to go to bed and stop worrying about it. So I went into my room dressed in pj’s and went to sleep.

Hey guys please rate thanks and I hoped you liked it come back for part 3 next time and find out who left the note maybe I’ll say and maybe I wont lol bye.

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