Aqua part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

hey its part 3 well duh lol

Tweet, tweet! "Oh come on!" I said waking up. First the clock now birds what the heck!

I got up glanced at the note again and got dressed, cooked breakfast and headed out the door. But this time naruto wasn’t waiting for me. "Oh well he probly stayed the night at eruca’s." so I started down the path. "Oh snap I forgot today we get placed in are teams. O I hope I get in narutos."

I got to school and started walking to my seat when I saw a big group of girls. I walked threw the group to see what they were fighting over.

"Hey please let me threw, move please" I said with little accomplishment. When I finally got threw I saw sasuke. I spotted ino in the group and went over to her to ask what’s going on."Ummm hey ino what’s with the crowd?"

 "Don’t you know" she said with a surprised look on her face.

" Ummm obiously not if i'm asking whats going on."

 "Well every girl wants to sit by sasuke but he wont tell us who should seat there so we started to fight over the seat."

"That’s stupid why would you want to seat by someone who could careless about you?" I said in an annoyed tone.

"Because he’s so HOT" she said rolling her eyes.

"O brother." I went over and sat in the seat all the girls were fighting over. "There its been decided" I said. All the girls in the room started glaring at me. Then I heard one girl shout" YOU CANT SEAT THERE YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE SASUKE!" Just then the teacher came in and tolled everyone to take there seats.

"Alrighty everyone today I’m going to put you in teams." He started calling names then finally I heard mine.

" And in team 7 will be aqua, naruto, sakura and sasuke." I was glad that naruto and sakura were on the same team as me and as for sasuke well not so much.

"K now after school all the team leaders will come and take there students."

After 1 hour everyone but us met there leader.

" Come on what’s taking so long" naruto said in a bored annoyed voice. Naruto went over by the door and set up a trap.

 "There that will teach him not to be late next time." I looked over and saw naruto with a big smile on his face then I heard sasuke call naruto an idiot and I giggled a bit. Five minutes later are teacher arrived and fell for naruto’s trap I started laughing.

"Well my first impression of you all is I hate you" said are teacher with a bored looking eyes. i noticed he had spicky kinda gray hair and he war a mask that just coverd his his face except his eyes and hair.

  He then took us on the roof were we talked about dreams and goals of being a ninja. Finally we were done. Just when I was about to go home sakura came over to me.

"Hey aqua don’t forget the party tonight."

"Oh crap I completely forgot" I said to myself. "Oh umm yeah of course I’ll be there."

"Oh I forgot to tell you to bring a partner that’s are theme a couples dance." Lets see im going with sasuke ino is going with shikamaru" she said deep in thought.

"I guess ill go with naruto."

"Sorry aqua im I’m not going i have a eating contest that night."

 "Oh that’s ok im sure I’ll figure it out no problem" I said with a smile even thoe inside I’m totally freaking out.

So we all went home to get ready. I went in my home and went to my room to change. I changed into a pretty purple Goth skirt with a matching corset. I did my hair put on my black high heels and headed out.

I arrived at the party and sakura came up to me.

"Hey there so how do you like my theme colors huummm?"

"I like them there really pretty." i said glancing at them.

"So did you find a date?" she said with a smirk.

 "No not yet."

 "Well that’s ok i'm sure theres still time for that. Oh i forgot Sorry aqua I got to go and check on stuff but I hope you have a good time bye. Bye.

 I waved as she disapaerd into the crowd and decited to walk over to the food table and sit down. I was deep in thought when someone behind me spoke and interrupted my thinking. I turned around and saw a man with with long blond hair in a pony tail.

"Hi my name is deidara."

"Hi" I said nervously "My name is aqua."

" Hi aqua why are you sitting alone?"

"Ummm because I don’t have a date" I said blushing.

 " Well would you like to dance with me?"

When I looked up he was holding out his hand. I hesitated for a minute then took his hand.

"I must worn you I stink at dancing."

 "Don’t worry I’m a good leader just do what I do" he said smiling at me.

" Ok."

After the party we took a walk and talked about ourselves then he stopped and turned to me with a series look on his face.

"What’s wrong?" I asked.

" Nothing its just the real reason I came here is because my boss wants you to join the akatsuki clan." he said looking down at his feet. 

"What’s that" I asked. After he got done telling me I looked at him wide eyed. "What’s the catch?" I asked looking at him suspishisly.

 "The catch is you don’t have a chose"

" WHAT!"

" Sorry but you must come with me now."

" NO!"  I started to run into the forest where a deep pond was. I ran and ran I could hear him following but I kept going, finally the pond came into sight and I jumped in.

I started transforming first my skin changed so that’s its as smooth as frog skin my feet turned webbed I grew a tail that was as smooth as my skin I grew short but affective claws. I jumped out of the water and saw him turn around to face me. I jumped towards him and started kicking and clawing at him. He dodged and kicked me from behind I got up and did a flip and hit him, he stumbled back. Then I saw him reach his hand in a pouch and he threw a white thing at me. It landed on the tree next to me and exploded. I yelped and fell to the ground. He walked over to me and just before I pasted out I saw him reach into the bag and he made a giant white bird apear.

 Hey its me sorry im not very good but let me know by rating and commenting thanks and come back for part 4 and find out what happens next see ya bye ^^.

Submitted: February 07, 2010

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lol :) oh i love your 1 story

Sun, February 7th, 2010 7:33pm


i think it's a heck of Alot better then mine lol

Mon, February 8th, 2010 1:17am


well i think its great lol

Mon, February 8th, 2010 6:01am

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