Aqua part 4 the hideout

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welcome back for part 4 please enjoy :)

Submitted: February 06, 2010

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Submitted: February 06, 2010



I slowly opened my eyes but closed them again because of the sun. I sat up and saw deidara looking at me with a smile on he’s face.

"GOODMORNINGAQUA" he said loudenough to wake the flipping dead.

"Humph" I said giving him a deathglare.

"Hmmm well I know you’ll warm up once you see the hideout."

"O joy a hideout" I said sarcastically. I looked at him for a second then said drop dead and turned back around and crossed my arms.

We flew for 15 more minutes than a huge cave came in sight.

"There’s the hideout" he said pointing to the cave.

"Your kidding right? that rock is a hideout?"

"Hey don’t judge a cave by its cover" he said.

We started flying downwards. We landed on a patch of land near the cave. I got off the clay birdand then he pointed at it and somehowhe made it vanish.

"I’m not going" I said in an childish tone.

"O yes you are."

" Nnnnoooo I’m not and you cant make me!" I said stomping my foot. He sighed walked over to me and threw me over his shoulder.

"HEY PUT ME DOWN YOU BLONDY!" I said kicking.

"Stop squirming peep squeak."

We got in the hideout and he set me on the ground.

"Your lucky no one is here they must all be on missions well they’ll be back tomorrow so get some sleep."

"Yeah easy for you to say your not the one who was kidnapped and forced to join a clan of killers." I said with a glare then went to the nearest couch and laid down and closed my eyes. I heard deidara go in the next room and flopped on he’s bed.

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