You only have my love and nothing more

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Even though your are my mother doesn't mean I have to give you anything but my love.

Submitted: June 28, 2013

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Submitted: June 28, 2013



As young kids we are supposed to learn as we go, mom or dad explains it to you. You always have someone to lean on and can trust with every single secret that you have. Someone is always going to stand up for you when you can’t. Family always comes first yet they may not think so. Mothers may not always be the best or the nicest, yet I cannot find any hate towards her. She is my mother and may not like if she has children. I only wish to tell you to that I am not losing any love for you. You’ve only lost my trust, faith,time, and our bond, just please try to act like you care. Even though we all know how much you don’t. No more tears shall be shed upon my cheeks. I shall not feel any apathy towards you. Just continue on the path you’ve taken, just remember at the end of the road you will still only have my love. So be happy for now and try to hide your frown. This isn’t any joke, just promise me when you see me continue on you shall leave me alone. Just now that I love you as a mom and nothing more.

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