Cold With A Chill.

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Submitted: December 22, 2009

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Submitted: December 22, 2009



Cold with a Chill

My hands are sweating as I clutch them to my sides,

My eyes are burning, stinging with tears waiting too fall.

The look in their eyes are none forgiving and hurtful,

Reasoning with them would be like talking to a brick wall.

They inflict emotional pain, leaving no scars, bruises or cuts,

But the pain sinks deeper then being hit, it is internal.

The smile on their faces scare you like no other mythical creature from fairytales,

The memories of them and their cruel ways are eternal.

You realise slowly that telling them what your feelings are is a big mistake,

The smirk on their faces turns to a grin as you recall what you just said.

They put on an act of being sincere and caring but soon turn to their dark ways,

But all you want to do right now is hide under your bed.

This is worse then any mythical creature told in scary tales,

Scarier then any monster story ever told by a camp fire.

They are real monsters and play torturing mind games,

You realise with a crushing feeling that your nightmares are their desire.

Its like a glass cage,

You can see the outside looking upon you knowing your in trouble but don't help.

My hand touched the glass, leaving small indentations from my nails scraping it.

The glass was sound proof no matter how loud I screamed or yelped.

It felt like my heart was thrown into a shredder,

Parts of it flying around the room.

I felt like I gave you apart of my heart to you,

But I knew it wasn't true when I swept up my whole heart with the dustpan and broom.

The crushing feeling I feel is that I know you don't love me,

I realise now that you never have and never will.

The only thing you care about in this world is only you.

Because this crushing feeling, I feel Dad, is that your heart is cold with a chill.

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