Life and Growing Up.

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About growing up and most of the different stages :P

Submitted: November 21, 2009

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Submitted: November 21, 2009



Growing Up.

You said to come back not to late and too ring to say when you got there.

We nod and smile before running off.

You laugh and shake your head thinking of some old memories, they were so rare.

Our feet hit the concrete while we laugh and smile being carefree.

Right now in our life we had no responsibilities.

We get home with our bags on our backs taking off our hats our cheeks rosy red and smiling.

You give us a hug and we hug back happy to be home.

We run to our rooms and get our homework out not use to it, it just kept piling.

We go for a bath and brush our teeth and hug you goodnight before going to bed.

Before we went 'I love you!' was the last thing we said.

We sneak in through the window all the lights off.

We giggle and try not to wake you while climbing through.

We giggle and fall on the floor landing on something soft.

You wake up and run to our room angry and yelling at us.

"Whats wrong with you sneaking off!' You yell while we internally cuss.

You were worried but never showed it, we went to bed angry and refused to forgive you.

You yell our names bhut you hear no response.

Walking up those stairs you think nothing of it with nonchalance.

You get to our room and open the door only ro find nothing at all.

On the bed there is a nice letter.

Saying Good-Bye without you ours lifes getting better.

You lie there on the floor and bawl.

We've grown up and left for the world without you.

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