Dear Sidney, When im goen

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a note to a old womens daughter before she dies.

just a random piece.

Submitted: October 28, 2010

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Submitted: October 28, 2010



Dear Sidney



When im goen I want you to know that why would it be so sad? I understand that you think youll never see me and it is dapressing but whats the big deal, live your life who cares about me. Im old and I need to go right? So just shut up and let me! And Sidney seriously Charlie gets the 1000 dollars and you get the 597 not the other way around stop bitching its not as improtent then you think and im not playing favorites. I have to admit it was actually a bet me and your brother Charlie made, a stupid bet you wouldn’t think possible. That one day you remember me and him were goen for 2 hours, watching cars. He said if dad was the next one to pick us up I owed him 400 dollars one day, you know me I always keep my word. I hadnt had much money, it mostly went to YOUR will until your dad pitched in. Stubbern as you say I am is one thing but also keeping my word is another, you know ill complain but still agree.


Huh, this reminds me of when you were 5 And you would complain about something but do it anyway at the end, soon you learned that its gonna happen anyway, get used to it.





My agent Carly said that this note would be in the will along. Sad that you wont see it before, oh well



Love Granny Lora Lian

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