The Eternal Search

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They are to forever roam the land in search of the other, forever bound to the eternal search.

Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012



The Sun Goddess rises from her slumber, feeling the familiar pull in her chest. She must look for him again. She starts her journey in the mountains, searching for her soul mate. She searches through valleys and meadows and forests, but she finds nothing. Mid day has just rolled by when she is nearly ready to give up. She soon stumbles across a rabbit.

"May I help you, Sun Goddess?" Rabbit asks.

"I am looking for my soul mate," she answers. "Have you seen him?"

Rabbit shakes his head. "What is his name?"

"I have not a clue," she replies.

"Well what does he look like?" asks Rabbit.

The Sun Goddess frowns and admits, "I do not know."

Rabbit frowns and promptly leaves. The Sun Goddess continues her search. She looks over hills and in trees and deep inside caves, but she cannot seem to find him anywhere. Frustration boils in her veins and angered tears fill her eyes. Why must he hide from her? Does he not feel the penetrating loneliness she feels? Can he not recognize the desperate longing pulling her towards his elusive being? Her legs burn from the walking she has done that day and she stalks off to the horizon as the end of the day approaches. The Sun Goddess lies down, tears falling down her cheeks.

"Where are you, my love?" she cries softly as she slips into a deep slumber.

As the bronze sky melts into an inky indigo, the Moon God awakens, feeling the familiar pull in his chest. It was time to look for her again. He rose from his resting spot and ventured through the mountains and valleys and meadows and forests. His eyes skimmed the surface of black rivers, but never did he see her face. He wandered through caves and climbed trees, and although he searched every place he could think of, he found nothing.

A masked raccoon notices him. "May I help you, Moon God?"

He glances down at the nocturnal creature and nods. "I am looking for my goddess."

Raccoon asks, "What does she look like?"

The Moon God shrugs, but a smile plays on his lips. "I do not know," he admits sheepishly, "but I am sure her beauty is greater than the lights in the sky."

Hours pass with no sign of the Moon God's goddess. The sky is now growing cerulean, and it's time for him to rest. He lies down in his resting spot, and with the elusive woman on his mind, he falls asleep. At this time, the Sun Goddess awakens again, and the eternal search continues.

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