Dark Awakening

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

william sets out to find his remaining three, but stops for a good time at a night club.

Chapter 2

 Everyone in the Club Make Some Noise


The night club exploded with noise as charlotte entered. A grin grew across her face as she saw the neon lights bouncing off the walls. The music vibrating her heart, she couldn’t contain herself. She jogged to the middle of the crowded dance floor and screamed in joy as she danced to the music. Her blond hair flying all over the place, hitting a few other dancers nearby. But she didn’t care, she was enjoying herself.

A few hours passed and charlotte fond her way to the bar. She was still full of energy and looked to the bar man.

“Oi nerd! One jagerbomb. Make it quick!” the bar man grumbled under his breath and walked away. Charlotte turned back to look at the rest of the night club people dancing in groups or in couples. This made charlotte feel slightly annoyed. She didn’t have anyone to bring, all the guys at school thought she was a bully and a bitch. This wasn’t true, well not in her eyes anyway. It wasn’t her fault that she only speaks what she thinks is the truth. She started to remember all the incidents at school.

“Hey! You walked into me you little creep!” charlotte approached the boy in a black hoodie and jeans. She poked her long pencil like finger into his shoulder pushing him back slightly.

“I’m... I’m sorry I didn’t mean to. But you were kind of in the way” charlottes eyes lite up like a house on fire. She grabbed the boy by his hood, almost strangling him.

“How dare you speak to me like that! You’re nothing in this school. Hold on what was your name again? Wormy?”

“WI... William. My name is William” charlotte snorted and looked around at her class mates now crowding the corridor.

“That is the most pathetic name iv ever heard, bet you don’t even have a mother!” William couldn’t do anything; he just stood there taking the abuse that charlotte was dishing out.

“Now why don’t you run back home. You unwanted piece of filth!” William walked backwards slowly before turning on his heels and running off. Chased by the sounds of charlotte and the other kids laughing.

William watched charlotte from across the bar turning his straw in his rum and coke. Charlotte turned seeing William from across the bar looking at her. She looked away twirling her hair around her finger, before looking back to William and smiling at him. William hated her but played along. He returned the smile and pointed to her drink which was half empty and making signs with his hands to buy her another. She swung her torso back and forth in what she thought was cute, but William thought she just looked like a twat. She eventually stopped and nodded tapping a seat next to her inviting William over. He gave her a smile and walked over.

“Hey there, why you sat on your own for?” William asked because it was the nice thing to do, he knew she was going to come out with some bullshit story.

“Oh my boyfriend dumped me so I came here looking for some...” she bit her lip. God how this made Williams stomach turn with sickness.

“You came her looking for what?”

“I came here looking for some fresh meat” she winked. This was it; William was going to die by his own vomit. He picked up his rum and coke drinking nearly all of it. The next words killed Williams’s soul. But this was good for him.  

“Here’s a crazy idea. How bout we go somewhere quieter and we get busy. Because I’m guessing that’s why you’re really here” charlotte looked at him for a second and narrowed her eyes.

“Do I know you from somewhere? You seem familiar” William smiled and shook his head.

“Nope can’t say you do know me. But I’m sure you would like to” he winked at her. She blushed, this was it, William had her eating out the palm of his hands. The locked hands and wondered off to the back of the night club near the toilets. They both looked around and they were completely alone. Charlotte moved in for the kiss but William backed away. She looked confused.

“Let’s just get straight to it shall we?” William started unzipping his trousers but turned away, giving charlotte a wink.

“This is a surprise for you” he said. Charlotte giggled and started undressing herself. She looked away as she unbuttoned her skinny jeans as she finally took them off and looked back up her face went pale. Her excitement dropped rapidly like a heart rate. A soft barrel was pressed against her forehead. Attached to that barrel was a gun. William kept a tight grip on it, his finger hovering over the trigger.

“Aww what’s the matter bitch? Got nothing to say to me now? Don’t want to try and poke me with your long arse fucking finger!” charlotte still said nothing; instead she balled out into tears.

“P... Pl... Please I didn’t do anything wrong to you” William sighed and cocked the gun ready to fire, pressing it harder against her head. She flinched still crying. William knelt down and looked her in the eyes.

“This is what you get for bullying the weak!” charlotte stopped crying and looked up in horror.

“Wormy?” Williams’s anger finally snapped. He pulled the trigger, it made a silent noise and a bullet passed through charlotte in a matter of seconds. Her lifeless body collapsed to the floor as she was consumed by her own blood. William put the gun away and walked out the side exit of the club. He put his hood up walking out to the road. He crossed the street and sat on a bench waiting for a bus. He then heard a muffled scream; second’s later police and ambulance sirens were in the distance. He smiled just as the bus pulled up. He got on showing the driver his card and sat at the back. He watched as people flooded out into the street with police and paramedics rushing into the night club.

“Two down. Two to go”

Submitted: October 02, 2015

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