There Were Three of Them (Contest)

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Submitted: January 01, 2014

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Submitted: January 01, 2014



There were three of them. The three musketeers, the three amigos, the three burritos; whatever you want to call them. Except they were actually burritos. Each of them were unique especially in color. One was yellow, brown, and white. Yellow, was filled with beef and beans. Brown was filled with beans and rice. And finally, white was filled with beans and cheese.

The three grew up in a little town called: Consuela. The three little burritos lost their parents in a fierce battle against the humans back in 1993 and were eaten alive. The three burritos managed to escape the hungry humans’ wrath and started their new life in Consuela. As time continued to pass, the three were inseparable. They traveled to all kinds of towns hoping to find their soul-mate. In other words, they hoped their partner had the ingredients in their burrito that they were missing. The three traveled to many towns such as: La Comida China, Muy Chimichonga-licious, and their favorite town off all, Potato-fiesta.

In Potato-fiesta, the three young and fine burritos are determined to find the love of their life and party hard. And so they did. The rocking hot chica had everything they could ever ask for. She had the beef, the cheese, the rice, the beans, the sauce, the salt and pepper…she was simply the most perfect burrito, anyone has ever seen. She wasn’t saggy or soggy. Her name was: Jugoso (Juicy) Feroz (Fierce) Pollito (Chick) Seventeen. Brown asks his brothers: “Is it just me or does her name sound like a screen name we use on chatting sites?” White responded: “Who cares! She’s muy caliente!” And Yellow says: “She’s mine!”

The three brothers all had their beans set on her, but she said her tortilla only had room for one burrito and she thinks all of them could be potential candidates. And so…she proposed an idea. “How about you three along with the other 22 burritors go on a show called: “The Burrito-lette?” “What kind of show is that,” the brothers ask. Jugoso Feroz Pollito Seventeen explained that it was a show where 25 burritos try and win the Burrioto-lette or Burritor’s heart. The three were extremely excited and signs up immediately. The 25 Burriotors stand in front of her and as the weeks go by, she sent home 22 Burritors except for Yellow, Brown, and White, as she predicted.

On one very caliente (hot) night, (about 110 degrees) the biggest New Year’s party was about to start. Brown wanted to go, but he didn’t want to risk meeting another girl he may want to get to know. He stays in and just thinks about his Burrito-lette. At the party, White’s cheese inside him started to melt. He did not understand why and was extremely worried. He leaves the party and rests in his bed. Yellow got angry at him thinking he and the Burrito-lette got it on behind the scenes. Yellow confides in Brown and Brown started to laugh, because he said that White probably did some dirty deeds on his own time. No one can touch the or see the Burrito-lette outside of the cameras. Little did anyone know, White’s health was in critical condition! Brown then, realized Yellow started oozing some orangey and slimy liquid. Brown yells, “What the beans, man!? Why are you guys oozing and stuff!?” Yellow responded, “I don’t know! Am I going through puberty!?” White overheard this conversation and asks Brown what should they do? Brown just shakes his head and suggests that it’s time for them to go to the Burrito Health Clinic and get checked out. “Why should we go!?  So you can win the girl? I don’t think so Brown,” Yellow yells. White agreed and said they are going to stay until the end of the show.

The Burrito-lette has such a tough choice on the night of elimination. She can’t choose if she wants the meaty and manly Burritor Yellow, the gentle and kind Burritor Brown, or the classy and fancy Burritor White. She then starts to see that Yellow and White can barely hold their ground. Shaking and sweating. She thinks that they are just really nervous and continues her speech on what she liked about each Burritor. Brown wants to tell his brothers to go see the doctor, but he knew they wouldn’t listen. Just as the Burrito-lette is about to eliminate someone, Yellow and White faints. The EBTs (Emergency Burrito Technicians) started to rush in and take the two Burritors away. She cries and cries, but Brown went over and comforted her. He explained what happened and she realized Brown was the one all along. He was kind and gentle, but at the same time, had a sense of humor. That’s all a girl ever really needed in a partner. Someone nice, honest, caring, and can make them laugh even when they find it hard to smile.

She asks Brown, “Will you accept this lettuce?” Despite all the sorrow because of his two brothers, he found the strength that love has helped him carry on and he accepts the lettuce from her. They kiss and hug and after only 6 months of dating, they finally get married. White and Yellow were the best burritos at the wedding and they too hit it off with some other lady burritos at the wedding. “If only my parents could see us now,” Brown says happily. “But I’m sure they are just as happy fertilizing the soil as feces.” Everyone laughs and Jugoso Feroz Pollito Seventeen asks her husband how many kids he wanted. And so, there were three of them. And man, were they delicious.

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