I wrote it just after my brother died of leukemia.

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Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010




Of all the dreams I ever had, The ones in which I fly are sad For not the only waking hurts Those dreams belong to darker arts.

The ones that lure me deep alone Until I know not where I'm gone, For delusion is the strongest drug, it ripps my soul land heart apart

just when I lose my way back home I see a light and glimpse of hopej I see a figure bearing torch I know this face! My brother George...

I want to run and hold his hands Before this bittersweet dream ends, Fear grippes me shaking hard I feel soon we will be apart

He smiles and tells me all is well And wants to bid me farewell, I shout not yeat! Don't leave, don't go! I need to ask, I need to know...

I feel the time is running out And see the demons lark about But, they are only on my side And if I stay I'll need to fight.

Demons fall to far behind Frightened by strength of light. As the world so evil shatter Notqhing's solid, nothing matters.

He turns and tells me listen hard We need to be long time apart, But time will come and we will be Together for eternity.

Now follow ne I'll walk you home And don't comeback here no more This place is evil its not for us I live not here, but close to stars.

Where time and space forever bend

We walk together, hand in hand He feels so warm, not dead but live, He looks so clear and divine.

We stop before enormous sea The sun is rising towards me. He places torch upon the sand We need to leave, we need to part.

He tells me death is not the end I need to sYmile and don't be sad, Don't feel guilty, don't feel bad, If my soul and heart will mend.

Then he hugs me turns and flies To the deepest core of skies, I feel happy, I feel saf, Because he's never coming back.

It felt so long, but like in dreams, Not everything is as it seems I turn around and see his torch My lovely little brother George...

I whisper George I love you so At times I feel I can't go on, But now I know that you are well I can live and smile again.

I know at times it will be hard And pain will come to fill my heart, But light will help me from your torch My lovely little brother George...

Before I leave this place behind I glimpse his torch is still alight. I'll miss it here forever More, But I must leave, I must go on.

When I wake from dream so tense Breaking an invisible fence, I look around in dead of night And notice torch with flowing light

Then I know I should not cry Because I saw him for last time, For I know he is alright if his torch is still alight.

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