Let me shower u my love.

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Let me shower u my love.

Submitted: November 19, 2010

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Submitted: November 19, 2010



Let me shower u my love.Gardening

let me shower you my love with affection,cuz ur my forever number one connection,steer u in the right direction,give u my love and protection.

i like it when you brush and nicely stroke my ego,ur smile from my hello,my heart melt like butter,real slow,my speech get slurred, i studder,i cant get enough of ur sweetness,ur style,and colorful attraction,is my every

stisfaction,my body crave,for ur touch,oh i adore u so much, Let me shower you my love,with joy and good wishful, thoughts to make u smile,and giggle, full ur head with laughter, Today i feel like the worlds best magician a master,

with skills,and comfort and the best position,You gave me self confidence,dignity, pride and hope to,face yet an other day, another minute, another second, another way, to work even harder, for us to be a perfect family,to make

this our own tradition,let me shower you with love,serenade and celerbrate you, ur love is like a blessing from heaven above, touch me romanticly,sensuously, slow dance with me, under the moonlight,oh ur my sunnydelight,

let me shower you my love, from head to toeand watch u glow,hold you,physically, love you mentally,i promise i'll give u my full suport,i can rock ur boat,surround u with my sharms, hold u in my arms and never let go,

oh here my love are some flowers for you, smell the most wonderful,fragrance, and fresh aroma of love, it turns me on,let me shower u and ,give uthe best of me,willingly,my heart tingle all over.cuz im falling in love

yet again and again, like thepouring rain,u take away my pain,love me like the first time,i'll pick you up when ur down,kiss away ur frown,give you summer in may,love you special like the autumn leaves today,

your love build up my self confidence,and pride,ur my dreams andof visions of love,come with metoparadise,a place just for u and me,for us to behappy,like the only two people in the whole world,

let me shower you my love, rubb ur chest,shoulders and back,our love is as solidas a rock. let me taste ur candy lips, oh mandy how i adore u,our love will never die,

let me shower u,cuz i can see ur tears before u cry, wipe ur weeping eyes, of passion,i hear ur thoughts and whispers before you talk, ur voice is like the sounds of heavenly's harps,music in my ears.

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