The Exodus

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Three People go for a search of a habitable plant... What they find is unexpected

Submitted: May 20, 2013

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Submitted: May 20, 2013



The Exodus


In the cold dark spaceship “The Exodus” 3 people Quinton, Maximus, and Zoe were in damp hibernation chambers. They had traveled over 3000 years. The computer had been endlessly searching for a planet that resembles earth. It had found one. The computer quickly woke them up. As they woke up they quickly felt the effects of hibernation sickness, a common illness of vomiting, blindness, and dizziness, usually comes after hibernating for more than 5 years. Like always all three reckless adventurers rushed down to the bridge of the vessel, though blind, vomiting, and dizzy they held each other up. All three were thinking the same thing which one was going to set foot on the planet first. When they got there first all of them were surprised. All they saw was a vast sea of clouds a storm, because of which they couldn’t land. For them being so close to success was torture. Well it was for their good, or they would go out without terraforming the planet and might choke on sulfur for all they knew. They didn’t notice one very important feature of the planet.

Finally after two days of recovering they were dying to go out, the storm had passed. The Exodus made course for a safe landing place in-between two rivers. As they descended they made all the last checks. The atmosphere was cleaner than earths, temperature 87 degrees F, and precipitation liquid water. They landed. No one had expected this. They thought the indigenous population was going to be humanoid. They didn’t expect them to be humans. Their language was that of the ancient Sumerians.

“The two rivers,” Quinton said “they must be the Tigris and Euphrates.”

“Of course”: said Zoe “I don’t know how but we must have jumped back in time.”

Maximus yelled at them “The ship is broken, and were going to need some high end gear to fix it.”

“What’s broken!” said Quinton

Maximus responded “the fuel lines, we need those to start the ship. The earth’s ozone is blocking the UV we need to operate the ship solar.”

Zoe said” let’s get a map see if we can find a city”

“Good idea” Quinton said.

“I got it,the closest city is Uruk” Maximus said “Coordinates 31 degrees north 45 degrees east.”

“Let’s go” Quinton ordered

After 5 hours of walking the great city of Uruk was in sight. Back on the ship they had uploaded ancient Sumerian language to their brains. When they came they were greeted as gods. Great feasts were thrown in their honor. The people would run to them asking them to cure illnesses, and with their advanced medicine they did easily. But they still didn’t know what had sent them there in the first place. Maximus spent countless nights looking for oil. They had gotten hold of the tools they needed. The only problem was that of finding combustible fluid for their ship. Then their luck changed, one night Zoe found a file in the ships computer called LoG.dat this file contained a summary of the ships events including a video file. She searched for days until she found the file she needed. It described they had accidentally fallen into an interstellar rift and that was what caused them to go back in time. She told the boys about this. Maximus explained the whole time travel concept to them, but this still didn’t solve the problem about fuel. Although the universe had already taken care of that, one night Quinton was observing how the Sumerians gathered clay for their great statues, one of them got too close to the deposit with his torch and instantly the whole deposit was up in green flames. Just as quickly the fire died out. He remembered that one day the people were carrying jars of some liquid and when one man with a torch got to close they yelled at him to go away. He asked Maximus. Just then Maximus knew what he would use for gas. As it turns out that when you harvest natural clay, a byproduct very similar to rocket fuel would ooze out. They finally had a way to get in space. All these days on earth had humbled the crew for even though they were worshipped as gods they still had to hunt their own food. They also had minimal access to electronics for the ship was running low on battery power. They had to depend on their knowledge not a calculator. Worst of all they couldn’t go where ever they wanted to. They wanted to visit the pyramids, stone hedge, Machu Picchu, Asia, Europe, North America, Israel, Rome, and Greece. It would be nearly impossible to travel that far without getting killed. After four years of living on earth they were ready to go back in space.

After months of searching they find the rift in space they go back and set course for earth. They vow to never tell anyone about this for people will want to go back in time to experience the world as it was millennia ago. They Delete LoG.dat. That’s the end of that.

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