LOVE - Doesnt Exist

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True Story of a girl, sufferring between life & death ; true world & real world...

Submitted: September 25, 2015

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Submitted: September 25, 2015



There was a girl who was awaiting to be loved from her childhood from her parents, brother, friends etc… but she never received it. She was unlucky that no one loved her but she was lucky that parents gave her basic needs required in life. She grew up but never gave up the fact to look for love, may be that was her fate and her suffering grew with her age.


She was a girl who believe in humans and trust them easily hence can be manipulated and trapped easily. As she grew she never realized that she is entering into a selfish world where a word called “Love” never exists anymore. She got married to a guy chosen by her parents, she accepted as a gift from God and was thinking that ‘finally I have a person who loves me without any expectations, he cares for me .. etc..’ but soon she was out of her dream world – she realize that he was not the guy who she was looking for, he was a good guy but may be doesn’t know to love doesn’t know how to care and she needed this very badly.


She tried her best to accept the reality and then enter into her regular duties of life to pass her time and take care of her own responsibilities, keep her family duties on and just wait for her death ; this was her attitude for life. This is the time when she gave up hope on her happiness, she gave up hope on expecting care, affection, love etc.. she was used to her regular routine life in office and home.


During this period she met a guy in office whom she thought could be a good caring friend with whom she can atleast share her feelings not expecting solutions but some ears who can listen and one mouth which talks few caring words towards her. This was a total boost for her in life, now she began to feel alive and not dead. She felt happy for what she got not expecting anything from the friend but was just happy to share and listen and spend some time chatting etc.. however she did not realize that the friend began to like her (may be love or may be not love) and this friend of her began to be very close, began to be strength and weakness both in her life. She did not realize but she was scared that if she hurt him or if she says no to anything of his needs he may leave her and she will lose even the one person she has in her life. So she never said anything to him rather began to share the bonding and they were happy together for longtime. However it’s still a dream world for her, but this set up was giving her happiness and confidence to lead her life. Hence she began to think to lead her life with him forever if possible. This is when she realized that the guy doesn’t want to marry her, ofcourse she was hurt but it was ok as she also understands the practical issues of society in the country hence she convinces herself to move on with the relationship the way it is without marriage.


Even after she bearing all these for so many years and also she accepting that she cannot marry her dream guy whom she thought that he loved her ; she was broken one day when she realize he never loved her. She just wanted to keep her dream world alive even between the practical real life to be alive. This world for her bought lot of happiness to both hence she thought let what may happen we should be nice to each other and keep this world alive secretly.


One day she grasps that this world was bringing true happiness only to her and not to him. As he found another girl in her life he doesn’t want her any more, now he doesn’t need this world. He wants to stop abruptly. The girl lost everything she thought, she lost herself and now she is again trying to enter into the world and learn a lesson that love / feelings are not real anymore as she is not young college girl. She is no more eligible to receive love, she can only receive selfishness, needy people and she was a very easy target.


She felt dead again after long and unable to take the pain, she try to convince herself to say that due to all practical reasons she needs to learn to accept everything and still move on – she conveyed the same message to him that she is ok to continue the way it is and to be good to each other. She thought this should not be a problem . She soon understands that he no more wants to even interact with her ….. no fault of her but now he doesn’t need her anymore




She is on her way to accept the fact and never dream any more for anything.. she now wants to do her duties and wait for death.



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