Zindagi mai kabhi-kabhi esa bhi hota hai

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A sweet lttle story about a girl and a boy,,,,

the boy who never wanted to fall in love but eventualy falls,,,,, and a girl who know what luv is but was not able to see thhe same luv in the eyes of the boy

GO READ IT and find out how the life takes the twist and turns in ur life when u r in luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: September 02, 2010

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Submitted: September 02, 2010



Hey friends this is the story for all my friends who have fallen in love for once in there life…….. may u will be able 2 identify this story from yours….
A teen boy will always….. in beginning of his teenage will not know that what love is but in 90% cases one realize it in later part of his teenage,,,, d same kind of person is d main character of this story,,,,, named Raj. He in his school life, had many girlfriends, but he never had fallen in love with anyone. He was a play boy kind of image boy, who can’t be stick on 1 girl. His best friend Aditya always use to say him that please change yourself, and please stick on 1 girl, but he always use to shut up his friend by saying that “you don’t know anything dear, god have send many girls, in which some have great eyes, some have great hairs, lips, etc…. I can’t be like you, who could be happy with d same girl `Naina` all d time… They passed out there school together… and these 2 friends started there college from Delhi university, Raj was just the same kind of boy still as he was in school time, may be until 23rd September 2009.
It was 23rd September 2009, the accountancy class was going on, when a late admission girl entered the classroom’s door, and sat with Raj, after class was over Raj`s 1st word’s were “Maine aapko pehle kahin dekha hai, freshers party haan”, the girl replied “myself Tani, and I have just joined today itself, than how could I have attended the fresher party which was held 2 months back”. May be it was 1st time when Raj was speechless in front of a girl. Aditya was the first person to have a laugh on Raj’s situation at that particular time. The girl again replied “apne pehle toh nhi dekha thha,par ab jab dekh hi liya hai aur mera naam bhi jaan liya hai toh,apna naam bhi bata hi do”.
He replied “rrrrrRaj”, tani reacted by saying “shahrukh ke fan ho, koi baat nhi me tooo, hamari khoob jamegi…. Haina”. Raj “yes offcourse”.
Next day d girl came and sat near him. And sad “ m sitting beside u that doesn’t means that, you have any kind of chance, it is just because no seat is vacant”. The boy was again speechless, the whole class he kept on looking her and kept on thinking that what had happened to him, as he was a kind of boy who was spontaneous with his replies to the girls, but from last 2 days he have been kept quite by a girl twice,
He was quite in a trouble whole day, and was silent at home also,,,,, as his mom noticed that there was not any indirect answers by Raj, than she asked “kee hoya putar, tenu ajj kee hoya he,,,, tuu mera hi putter hai na, kithhe raste vich badla tan nhi gaya”. Raj “stop it mom, mai tuhada hi putter haan…. Par ik gal dasso- is there is any person in this world who could make me speechless, his mom replied “agar koi mile tenu taan mainu vi dus diyo, I will also love to meet him” and went to her household work.
He was not able 2 sleep whole night by this instance, he also asked aditya that what’s happening with him, but he didn’t get any satisfactory reply. Next day he asked aditya when you were in love with naina, what kind of feelings were there, were having and what your 1st reaction were when you see her. Aditya was shocked to listen these words from Raj, and understood that it is just because of tomorrow’s incident. He said that “I said you the day will come when you will have to change yourself and my dear friend, your talking says it all that you are in love with tani. Raj was not ready to accept the fact, but when he saw tani coming to him, he was speechless again, and realized about the love for her.
The time was passing by and was now in deep love with her, but like other lovers he was also not able to express his feelings for her and say her I LOVE YOU, it was now 6 months later on 9th march 2010, after there classes while going home he asked tani, that to w8 for him 2 minutes, as he will also accompany him in metro. While going he was pushing him,self that “yes, surely today he is going 2 propose her, they were just near that metro station, when tani asked her to wait there only for 2 minutes, after a while he saw a boy closing tani`s eyes with his hand, he thought that he might be her brother, but it was not so, as she sad “hey, Raj meet my boyfriend sunny”…… may be it was the time when he started listening the song “tu jane na” in background. After that he went to his home and remain sad for a month or so,,,,, his friends were just not ready to believe that he is the same Raj, as the previous 1 was not so silent type of person.
It was now, 3 months got passed away, but Raj was still having the same feelings for tani, having knowing the fact that she is someone else’s. It was know the end of june. When a dance competition was held in college, and Raj’s class suggested his name as they all know that he is quite a brilliant dancer. As the competition was to be held in couple’s. so the girl named simran, from science stream accompanied him. “It was from the beginning was looking like another DDLJ was in making”.
They both met each other and, started rehearsing for there competition, after spending some time with each other in rehearsal’s, they became quite a good friends.
On the other hand tani was not happy as his “good friend-Raj” was not able to find time for her, and was quite busy with simran in rehearsal’s. Tani was quite surprised by the fact that she was not able to see raj with any other girl, even after knowing that she is just his dance partner. She convinced herself by saying that “what the hell should I do, If also she is his life partner, why should I bother”. On the same day, after the college, Tani went to his boyfriend sunny’s home to meet him. When she enters sunny`s room she gets a biggest shock of her life, as she hears the talk between sunny and sunny`s friend who was on the call. There talking told that sunny was playing with Tani`s feelings just for her father’s money. She at that time by controlling her emotions, went to sunny and gave a tight slapppppp on his cheek’s, and said “there is such a big difference between you and raj, you scoundrel”. She hole night kept on crying.
Next day, she tried to talk to raj about what happened with her, but raj neglected her as he was busy in his dance practice, she even after college gave a call to raj but he was that much busy that he was just not able to pick her call even. After this tani  sends a  SMS to him “I think that u are not having any time for your this friend, and you are quite busy with your new one’s, but not a problem I will handle my problem by my own”. She the whole night kept on looking her cell that surely there will be a reply from raj`s side but it was not so.
It was the time when raj and simran were really good buddy’s, and the news was all over the college that both are more than just friends, but they always declined it. Tani also came to know about the same rumors, it was the same time when Tani started to have soft corner for raj, and started loving him, but she decided that she is not going to express her feelings as she do not want to come between raj and simran.
It was the time when raj was having a break from practice, and was having a lunch in canteen. His friend, “Dev” who was from science department, came and accompanied him. And started asking him about his ongoing practice. Suddenly, he asked him “Is simran is really your girlfriend”. Raj replied negatively. Than Dev told him that he is in love with simran from last year or so. And asked raj for a help to find out whether she also loves him or not, and says that “don’t ask him directly please, as she will surely say no than. Try to judge her please”. Raj gets ready to help him.
Out of his curiosity raj asks simran that weather you love Dev or not, the reply was the expected one “NO”. But whenever Dev comes in front of her, the expression of her does gets changes, but she always when asked about it declines about the fact of loving him. It was the time when Raj was know sure that simran do love Dev. He plans something to prove that simran loves Dev.
He ask simran to come with him, when Tani leaves for his home, they both enters in the metro stations lift, in which tani was there, tani sees them but do not wanted to disturb them. Raj and simran both posses as they do not know that tani is in the same lift. Suddenly Raj says “ Hey simran, I LOVE YOU”, when simran was just about to say anything, Raj shows his hand, on which it ws written “It is just a Drama, Just keep on looking at the Tani`s reactions when I am proposing you”.
After Tani leaves the lift and lift closes, Raj asks simran that what did you notice by Tani`s reactions. She replied “stupid it shows that she loves you for sure”. Raj replied “Trust me dear I love her, but she do not love me, even though she loves someone else, and I also know the guy, she is quite happy with him so why should I interrupt her happiness. But if you can feel by her reaction that it is love, than why don’t you admit that you also love Dev, as your reaction are also quite possessive type when you saw any girl talking with Dev. Come on simran you are ready to recognize the love of any other person but you can’t recognize the love for the person situated in your heart. You cant cheat yourself like this”. Simran replies “I know I love him but, I don’t think that he also feels the same”. Than Raj tells her the feelings of Dev for her, and calls Dev there only, so that both do not have any kind of misunderstandings again.
After making Dev and Simran come together, he feels some kind of loneliness in his life. And it is the loneliness of getting loved by someone. So, he decides to make a call to Tani just to speak with her, as they were not in touch from sometime. But she does not picks his call, he thinks that as he did not replied him, so she is upset from him. He than goes to sleep deciding that he will sought out everything tomorrow after the DANCE COMPETITION.
Next day the Dance competition held, and as expected Raj and Simran won the trophy. After the competition got over, and the students were just were leaving the place, suddenly the voice came “please, if you all can stop”, Raj turned back and sees that it is Tani on the MIC, Tani continues by saying “Today I want all of you to meet my life partner”, certainly Raj start moving from there and suddenly stops when he hears those lines “HE IS THE MAN WHO PROPOSES THE GIRL IN THE LIFT, WHOM HE DO NOT WANT TO PROPOSE TOO, AND DON’T PROPOSE THE GIRL WHOM HE WANT TOO.
Raj was happy and realized that what mistake he did in lift by not pressing the button. But he was happy as this mistake was the most beautifull mistake of hi life, which gave him the whole world…………

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