Heavy Rain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the story of a Man who comes home one night drunk and he keeps seeing a girl who's hands are red with blood,but he does not understand what is happening to him.
The night takes unusual turn when heavy rain starts to fall and brings back brutal memories of the past.



It all started on that night when I was at my home, drunk. Usually I watch TV late at night but that was a stressful day so I decided to go to bed. It was raining outside and it was impossible to sleep in that noise, so I got up to close the window. Before I could close it my eyes went to the front gate. There was a little girl around 5-6 years of age standing soaking wet in the rain and looking straight at me.

As I saw her, my first intension was to ignore and go back to bed but then I saw something that I couldn’t ignore. At first she was standing outside the gate and when I saw her again she was inside the gate and that door didn’t even move. Her hands; they were red and blood was running through her legs. The very sight of that scene was so terrifying. For a minute or two I stood there thinking what to do. Then I decided to go to the gate and help that girl. It was dark outside so I grab the torch which was on the table and my umbrella which was behind the door.

I ran towards the gate, but as soon as I reached near the gate there was no one. I looked everywhere; it was like that girl vanished from the street. I got confused wondering how she could disappear. I thought maybe I should go look for her on the road but it was too dark and I was still drunk, so I decided to go back to bed and forget the whole thing.

So I turned my back to get inside the house.as soon as I turned my back there she was standing in my bedroom window, once again looking straight at me. I was shocked, even for a minute or two I thought my heart stopped. I just stood there couldn’t even move my legs. I wondered how she even got there!! It was impossible to get there so fast. I was scared as hell, but instead I ran towards home and went upstairs trying to make sense about what was actually going on. As I reached in my bedroom I thought now I would definitely see this girl, but I was wrong there was no sign of her. My head was spinning maybe because I was too drunk or maybe because I was going crazy.

I went to the window looked outside but there too was no sign of her. I was trying to make sense and suddenly loud noise came from downstairs. It was the sound of TV, someone must have turned it on, and maybe it was that same girl I saw. So I ran downstairs as fast as I could. TV was turned on but there was no one; I went to the kitchen but still no sign of that girl. I went into the hall where TV was still turned on but I found nothing. I was so tired that I sat on my big chair which was in front of TV.

I just sat there thinking about everything, I was going crazy. TV was still on which was forecasting the weather news, but I was somewhere else. My mind slowly drifted in the past.

Eight years ago I was newly transferred to this small town as a chief police officer with my wife and my daughter. We were a small happy family. We didn’t have much but whatever we had was enough for us.

And then our small happy life turned to hell. One day when I was at my office working late. There was heavy rain outside. My phone ranged. It was my wife as soon as I answered, I heard a loud scream. It was so loud that I could still remember it, sometimes it wake’s me up at night. I asked her what’s going on but the phone went dead. I grab my car key and drove as fast as I could. I was scared. As I reached home, the front door of my house was wide open, so I slowly walked in the house and what I saw was just terrible. My wife was there lying on the floor, her thought was cut with a sharp knife. I ran towards her body crying and screaming but she wasn’t moving.

Suddenly I realized that my daughter wasn’t there so I looked around in the kitchen but she wasn’t even there, so I ran upstairs to her bedroom I could hear the heavy rain making noise on the rooftop. I slowly walked towards her bedroom and what I saw was just cruel, my daughter was hanged by the roof. I fell on my knees and just sat there crying helpless.

Since that day I have been living life like a dead corpse mostly drinking and looking for the person who murdered my family. My daughter would have been of the same age of that girl I saw tonight. Suddenly loud TV noise woke me up, there was still heavy rain outside. I looked at my watch it was 3 am .I thought I was drunk and that’s why I saw that girl; maybe I was just imagining things.

Then my eyes went on TV which was steel turned on and I couldn’t believe what I was looking at! There was news about a six year old girl hung by the roof in her bedroom and her family brutally murdered and it was the same girl that I saw tonight. So I wasn’t imagining things. My eyes froze on the TV and it felt like my whole body was paralyzed. I shut my frozen eyes and was just trying to regain my senses and then on that sudden moment I felt a bump on the couch. I was afraid to see but I opened my eyes and slowly turned to my left and there she was looking back at me with blood on her hands and I could feel the storming of heavy rains in my chest.





Submitted: September 14, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Nishant Sule. All rights reserved.

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