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Hello ....... Life , The Best revenge is massive success. -Frank Sinatra. The life of a human is built with worries and happiness.There are many peoples living around whereas noone is living with
full felicity.A success is based on how we act on the problem. haha..........Confusing life

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When I was in school I was inspired by my class teacher... Yes , She is a women ..She is too chubby .. I liked her very much Since she is chubby .. May be because I am a lean girl...
I was inspired by her attitude .Even when she was like that she was the favourable one to all students...
That's it.. There came an interest for me towards teaching .. I thought wow.. what a job it is!?
I contined my HSC in some other school My interest was towards teaching wholeley ., Like a motivation I saw a teacher whe was also a women , better to say that she was the bravest women I can say...
She was the next one to inspire me..?Why .., Not like the above case..
She was different in her attitude behaviour everything...
I can say when I was in sixth she was taking classes for us alone that too science subject ..That was her first experience..
She taught science for us .. When I was in seventh ,, she was taking classes for eighth too...
When I was in eighth she was taking classes for tenth and twelth ..
Woee. I was surprised .. All the senoir staff where jealous ...
And she became viceprincipal of the school when I was in tenth standard .............
What an vigorous improvement ..
Whole school fear for her,Her attitude is unbeatable .. Her skills are amazing ..she was a physics teacher.
tenth results arrived And I was scoring dicstrict level third rank I was happy .. Even then I cannot feel it..
 Why What is  the reason??...Because of a teachers mistake... In teaching ..........
See you in next chapter...............''''''''

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