Break free

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The 3rd poem

Submitted: March 31, 2008

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Submitted: March 31, 2008



Fettered , chained

bound and shackled

The wings clipped

the soul buckled

60 years

of freedom past

Where is mine

if I may ask

If safety be

the cause of this

A locked door

will not help much

The roof might fall

The floor give way

A prince might climb

to Rapunzel's chime

Parikshit died

What saved him?

Could Panchali then

5 warriors save

An army fails

when fate decides

No one could

from fate hide

Only pearls can

shine in closed shells

The value but

is hidden then

Let me be free

Let me then fly

I might just live

If I soar high

The world is mine

Not a small room

My dreams are big

Dont let them doom

My dreams are big

My heart is young

Don let them die

and left unsung

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