Prime of my life

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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018




My coat lays restless on the rack, my mirror misses me in despair.

The stairs search for my lost track, while my pillow keeps the last trace of my hair


My towel sits so damp and still

The last of my scent holds on to the air

Everything remains unchanged 

But It's me who is not there  


There, in the hollowness of the empty nook , Stare my glasses at my orphaned book.

They sit in total solitude and despair 

Lamenting the vacancy of my empty chair 

Everything remains as I left it unchanged, bur it's me who is not there. 


The aroma of my bakings will be forgotten

The striking coldness will haunt my oven

 My mailbox will ask the mailman for his friend, then an obituary will tell the end


On my front porch my hammock will stretch and whisper to the oak tree

Where? Where is she?

Then the answer comes in a breeze of air

As everything remains unchanged,but it's me who is no longer there 


I’m no longer there with you

To watch you walk the aisle and sway

I will not hear you say "I do"

I will not see you throw the bouquet


I won't hear you being called mommy

I won't see your hair turn grey

I will not pose with you in your cap and gown

I will not see you glow in your prom day


Iam gone...a far way too long

And I only wish that I could longer stay


Please promise me....

with words and with the unspoken

Make a vow that can't be broken

That You won't feel abandoned 

For I wasn't given a choice, didn't have a say, and when you miss me, please come visit me where I lay, to share with me a great moment or a bad day


Let me know you didn't forget me

Kneel down close to my stone and let me hear you breath and pray

It's true that I'm no longer here, But with you my heart will forever stay.


© Copyright 2019 Nisrine Ghawi. All rights reserved.

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