Secretly, Greatly

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The story of a middle school girl’s experience to the unforgettable trip week in Shangdong, China. The situations during one night during the trip were exciting. Because of the trip, she and her friends are getting closer and the friendship becomes more deep between the girls, like the sky at night. This friendship brings her a pleasant memory and she files this into her mind. Miss you guys, my friends!

Submitted: January 29, 2015

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Submitted: January 29, 2015



Secretly, Greatly


At the deep night of pounding moon, our hearts were shouting out at that moment. It was full with the sound of hearts and the secretly planned mind only. It was trip week in China with all my best friends and classmates. We gathered together in a room with  four friends including me. Their names were Seula, Jiwoo and Yubin. Seula was a  skinny, dark marching machine. Jiwoo. She likes to eat but she was also small person with nice puppy face. Yubin was the closest friend with me among those. She has curly and the color of black pearl hair, pretty dark skin like the sweet milk chocolate.


This started with the secret planning. The directing teacher came to the room and noticing us like a scary alarm.

“Hey guys, now it’s sleep time. Go back to your room and be prepare to sleep. The light out is at 10 o’clock.”

But we didn’t. Because, we felt so sad that we must sleep early during “trip week” night. So, secretly we ate some snacks and foods without any sounds. Such as, when we walking and moving, looked like we are in the universe.

“...hahahaha!!!!!!” Yubin made giant, giant sounds accidently while we talking about pretty interesting and funny story. And she hush up suddenly few seconds later.

“Hey!!! what the.. be careful please. Teachers gonna hear everything from outside. I saw they walking around the hall.” Seula kind of blamed Yubin.

However, we planned to buy 4 ice-creams from outside market. Of course it was secret to the teachers and if we being caught, we might have punishment or something elses that are bad.


We had to decide who are going to go out and stay in. We decided it by simple way. It was… rock, scissors, paper.

“Rock… scissors… paperrrr!!!!” We lip synced and looked at each other with the eyes on fire.

“Ahhh…. nooo..” Jiwoo sighed with the result.

“Hey, hey, hey. What is that?! It’s pretty simple thing Jiwoo! We are gonna make it. Don’t you want to get cool ice-creams???” Seula replied her sigh.

“Yes! it will going to be very exciting, you know?? Seems like the adventure in the midnight… haha” I replied after Seula.

“You can think it’s easy cause, you are the one who stay in the room and just wait for us to get ice-creams.” Jiwoo stroke back to me.

Jiwoo and Seula were the outside people who are going to buy ice-creams and they’ve gone to outside with nervous. I was thinking that I’m kind of in the fortune because, I stayed in the safe room with Yubin! Few minutes later that Jiwoo and Seula are went outside, Yubin and I were talking each other about predictions.

“They may caught from teachers already and would blamed.” Yubin opened her mouth quietly with full of worrying face.

“No, no, no. It’s too early to think that Yubin. Maybe, they will coming with sweet ice creams.” I tried to make her stay with an easy mind.

‘You know Jiwoo, waiting is also hard as much as going outside.. I’m too nervous!’ I thought with the Jiwoo’s last speak.

I wonder how much time has passed. Yubin and I waited for those two of them to come back to our room. Suddenly, someone knocked very hardly without stopping.

“Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Seems to be fire knocking on the door.

I opened the door and it was Seula and Jiwoo fortunately. As they step into border line of the room, they moved extremely fast. They came into the room with grabbing pounding hearts, tremble legs and very busy feet.

“Oh my god. I felt like I’m dying.” Seula gasped.

At that time, Seula wore her pajama and she took out ice-creams from her body. I was really surprised and few seconds later, I started laugh so hard. It was extremely funny situation in the night. She’ve got ice-creams into her pajama. Even though, it’s almost like cold ices. Those ice-cream looked like a beautiful firework at summer night. They kept sprang out from her. It made me collapsing building with laughing badly like it felt my belly button gonna also spring forth towards. My face felt like cracking with that hard laugh. And Yubin was also same with me. Meanwhile, Jiwoo was drinking soup very comfortably. Seual was also laughed with us. I had hard times that I attempted to not to laugh with the sound. Like, I was almost crying. That all the situation was highlight moment.


We killed noisy sounds completely because of having sweet time with ice-creams, I’ll never forget that ice-cream’s flavors. Yubin and I heard short story from them which was about they were overly thrilled outside and even, they met teacher. They explained with huge expressions that they felt outside literally. After we hear their story, we had to check something that they left evidence which mentioned in that story. So we all four of us went out to look that. It was so impressive and unforgettable night ever. I miss you guys and miss that night!


Because, this happening(story) made me to feel about the relationship between the friends even though it was not that appropriate behaviours in the trip week. But this night, I would never forget. It was very funny and it has been added to my memories. In the previous time, I thought the relationship and friendship is not that important. But after this happening, I really felt that only my friends makes me feel this particular exciting feeling when I’m with them together. Also only them can make this inappropriate behaviour but very pleasant.

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