Emo Heart Challenge 2 by Nita Eads

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Maggie Sheppard and Charlie Finch met when she started college. Two months into their friendship, they play their tournament game in co-ed softball. That night Charlie has a question that could change their relationship.

How she really feels

“Come on, Mags!”

It was the tournament game. She was the last batter of the game. The ref had already called time and they would finish the inning. Right now they were down by one run. Another woman was on third and Charlie was on second.
In a moment, the woman hit the ball and was running for first. Before she got there, her the first base coach was yelling, “Stop!” She beat the ball there by a second. Then she heard her team start cheering. Charlie was stepping on home plate.
Half an hour later, after they had had a chance to celebrate, Charlie joined Maggie and one of the ticket writers from the school at a picnic table in the park. “So what are you ladies doing the rest of the night?”
“I have an econ test tomorrow. I need to get home and study.” The other girl rose and waved. “See you later, Charlie. See you around, Mags.”
It just left the two of them. “So what are your plans?”
“A nice long shower and a bed.”
The six-two cop couldn’t help but say something and let him a sly grin come across his face. “Sounds like fun.”
Maggie’s mouth dropped. He had never said anything like that to her before. Since they had first met two months ago when she started college, Charlie had been a gentleman to her. He had never even acted like he was interested in her. They were just friends.
“I’m kidding, Mags.”
“Thank god.” She laughed and got up. “Let’s go.” The blond picked up her ball bag and started for the car. Charlie followed behind her and unlocked the car. He took her bag and threw it in the trunk.
“Are you hungry?”
“Okay.” They drove for a moment and then he turned off. “They are suppose to be closing the roads due to the basketball game tonight. So I thought that we could go a back way.”
“Sure.” She didn’t say a thing, since he was a campus cop and Charlie would know if the roads were closed. So after a few moments, he pulled the car up to an empty field and she was in shock. “Where are we?”
“It’s a little farm a friend of mine owns.”
“What are we doing here?”
“I wanted to talk.”
Maggie leaned back against the door. “What about?” She crossed her arms.
“Why did you say thank god?”
“You said thank god when I said that I was kidding. Why?”
She looked at him. Then Maggie shook her head. “I don’t know.”
He took off his ball cap and she looked at his freshly cut hair. A few days before he had gotten his longer hair cut into a buzz cut. Charlie leaned in and got close enough to her that she could smell his cologne. Even after the softball game, he still smelled good. It was hard to focus on the conversation at hand, but she tried.
“So are you saying you’re not attracted to me?”
“I…I…Where is this coming from, Charlie?” She stared into his eyes. She couldn’t read him.
“Answer the question.”
“If this is an interrogation, shouldn’t you have a light over my head, Lt. Finch?” Maggie was getting indignant with him.
“Why can’t you just answer the question?”
“Give me one reason why I should?”
“I want to know if I am crazy or not.”
She reached up and turned on the overhead light. She had to look at him. “Why would you think you are crazy?”
“Because I think I like you, Margaret.”
“You like me? You like me like me?” Now she was shocked.
“I don’t know. I think I do. But if you don’t, then I don’t know how I feel.”
She unlocked the door and got out. He followed. Then she stepped a few feet from the car. “Okay. So you like me?”
“Yes, Mags. I think we established that. The big question is how do you feel?”
“I don’t know.” She started pacing and started chewing on one of her nails. “I haven’t thought about it since that first night we met.”
His eyes lit up a little bit. “So you were interested at that time?”
“I was interested in getting to know you. But then we started hanging out and I didn’t really think it was anything serious. So I stopped thinking of it as anything more than a friendship.” She had a confused look on her face.
“Oh, screw it.” Charlie walked over and took her into his arms. Then he kissed her. Maggie returned the kiss and wrapped her arms around him tightly. It was the most intense kiss either of them had ever experienced. After a few minutes, the two of them stopped kissing. “How do you feel?” He asked tentatively.
She quietly whispered. “Take me back to my dorm, please.”
He let go of her and turned back to the car. “Alright.”
She got in and the two of them headed back to the dorm. Finally, as they pulled into the parking lot, Maggie spoke. “I like you, Charlie. But I don’t think I care about you that way. I want to be friends and nothing else.”
He thought for a moment. “Alright. I’m sorry about that.”
“Don’t be. It’s not you. You’re handsome, you’re smart, and you’re so sweet. But it’s all me. I don’t want to ruin the friendship that we have.”
He took a finger and put it on her lips. “Shush. I understand, Mags.”

Submitted: February 28, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Nita Eads. All rights reserved.

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awww poor guy!! great short story!! i loved it!! :)

Mon, March 16th, 2009 7:54pm


Thank you. I might actually post this one soon.

Mon, March 16th, 2009 7:25pm

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