the soul taker

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this story is about a guy, who's name is dimitri, and he is what you would call a grim reaper, but he doesn't take the souls of the deceased but the souls of the corrupt and those who abuse their power to oppress the weak. later on in the story he meets his twin brother who supposedly died in a house fire but somehow survived. but his twin brother is working with the fbi and they have been investagiting a series of murders. but when dimitri is caught by his brother, his brother tries to convince him to stop killing people. so dimitri has to make the choice of stop killing or kill his brother to keep his secret safe, because dimitri tells his brother about him being a soul taker.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: January 17, 2017

Chapter 1 The rain drizzles down onto the empty dimly lit streets of Jamestown. The sky overhead is filled with black thunderclouds tha... Read Chapter