Her life killed her.

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Her life killed her

Submitted: September 26, 2014

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Submitted: September 26, 2014



There are some things you can not stop.
And while time passes you can not stop missing somebody seeing how a part of you misses while they're being away.
Everybody has a place in you but it appears some people got the most important part in life you have,everything that matters they have it and when they're not here you live partly separated from yourself.


* * *


It scares her how he has her life,but she had her life only when he handed it to her,so she proudly admit it to herself really slow that..,he is her life.
It scares her the thought that he didn't knew or that he didn't care,because she tried to tell him that all the time.All there was left for her to do,all that she did was to secretly give him  her sacred trust. 
To trust him with her life,it was a life or death part.But nobody knew except her.

She was different and she accepted it,she made it impossible for everyone to see but she always kept him separated from everyone,that was their own sacred secret.
She was his,and she was different.
He saw the fear in her eyes and always protected her from the world that feared her so..
But he forgot to protect her from himself.
So there it was this little creature with a soul I'm naming her "she" because is easier then saying "me".
She is broken.The one she loved the most,her life,killed me.



To be continued...

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