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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When jerry lost his mind due to a love failure,he turns to be an antagonist.He along with his friend Charlie offers a secret revenge against Edward,who fell in love with Lima and murdered by a conspiracy in a night of Christmas

 Amber sleep eternal pleasure upon him gave with essentials of his Italian dreams that skipped him far by that airy night to submit his past emotions of last week’s travel into the European world with his designed psyche. Edward, the dreamer by eternal charm had his sleep after resting on his couch inclined with her pillowed soul. He was fragile by his nature. His parents could not even give a solution for his problems, or they not found a medicine to calm him down. Lima would be the trouble, some of his friends conformed like this: the girl who gave conscious enrichment for Edward’s waning soul, as an inspired free spirit. He was passionate to kill her even with an enraptured kiss so deepen the soul-to-soul matching perfect. Lima was there to compeer Him, rather with knowledge; he thought she was a philosopher, but the Lawyer’s youngest daughter- nymph with transparent blue eyes and sharp face with a slender waist, who often applied Kohl, which beguiled the foolish hearts of the western quarter like love-birds beauty poured from an eternal dawn of tranquil breeze.

She was like a sensational nerve for that romantic dreamer; Edward had ceaseless care for Lima, who lived in the outskirts of Florence, and they recently met last week. The euphoric connection enabled them to know the suspense of sacred love. Both of them believed, loved purely one another. Such a belief embarked a great effect in them, when the last week they visited the lovely cities. Florence and Milan, they ever had their romantic spots, lonely and undisturbed or in another words untroubled. Where ever the design of their minds collaborate, then there would not been a horoscope to identify their matching souls. Nothing could stop them in their curious push for the aesthetic Love with perceptual clarity-as if a crystalline stream ran forth to beautify the souls.

December was that, the cold winds blowing against the city. The damp clouds made irregular shapes around every hour of suspense. The terrifying snowfalls did swallow the entire Florence. The Sun light beams seen kissing slightly through the snowy atmosphere and made a glittering effect upon the Earth’s surface. The handsome young soul in that Italian home Edward, was a wool gatherer who is living in the farmhouse with his parents Dan and Motile. Dan was a retired lecture and Motile worked as a language teacher in a Christian school in Italy before retiring from service two years ago. Dan had his own farm where vegetables are cultivated. Motile cared her husband more than anyone and involved in assisting him in farming. She showed her vigour in raising crops and watering them. Edward’s parents strictly cared him in his young ages until he found the first argument in his life. Why were his parents so rigid in raising him and peculiar in caring him? When he was a boy, his pale youth was shy to respond his parents. He always asked inner self— did they inject fear into his childish nerves. Freedom was the greatest urge for him that he could long for. Since his thoughts began to grow, Edward had curious queries of all kind and was not as bright as now.

He was in a cell of immaturity and hardly found happiness. One thing he always did express in him was his unruffled passion for literature. It was growing since he had mere six years of age and he was like a spirited bird who loved to fly up in the horizon, freely and lively. Edward loved reading fiction and wrote a few stories with his childish imaginary mind. His passions grew with excess maturity. He loved Roman culture, poetry, songs and yet had his unruly respect to religious creed. He in other words became a quester about the universe.

The old house stood amidst tall trees. There was a garden with variety of flowers, which gave fragrance to the surrounding .Birds had nests in the ceiling of the tough rooted oak trees. The city of renaissance, Florence had its own beauty by adding the farmhouse to its lovely heart. The beautiful house was constructed by Dan’s father when Dan was a child of only four or five years old. He had vague memories of his entry into the house. It was made of wood, stone and brick from an Italian based antiquity dealer to give an authentic old-farm house look and the front door was made of Italian oak, with a classic design. There was a hearth in the house, paved with brick; flagstone and cement which protected the family from the extreme cold clime whenever they had a winter experience. There were no plans of reconstructing or renewing that house to a modern building because of Dan’s intense passion of having an antique Italian house and he often felt proud of his father and had respect to the architect who created that incredible house.

Dan was an old-fashioned Italian, an active Godhead of having religious philosophies and Motile espoused him in religious acts. Edward’s coming of age sometimes made her anxious. She found peculiar changes in him and his opinions are diverted from an average human thought. She often feared in talking with him and avoided using harsh words. For last two years Dan was a bit jolty to Edward and to some extend allowed him to live with his freedom of mind which he needed. Dan had worries on Edmund every time, the very first thing he had was he often analysed Edward’s direction of mind and his aggressiveness. Dan yet had clear knowledge about his son’s impatient character.

Edmund, why tensed? Dan’s voice from the bed room was heard.

‘Daddy, you know that how the World is advancing, I need some freedom’—replied Edward in a low voice.

Edward explained to his father about his errant love and its hardship he has to overcome because of her father’s unwillingness in this case.

‘Are you still a silly day dreamer, are you going to marry her?’ Enquired Dan to his dear son

‘Daddy I will’ replied Edward

‘Dear son, Do whatever good things you know and we favour you to the best, but you must to be acquainted with the consequences as long as her father has a reverse opinion’ Mom, Motile said

‘Mama, she suits me well, her father doesn't appreciate it, I know that well and I can’t blind my love, I must to get her back’, replied Edward.

‘Edward is now not a kid any more, he knows what is good and bad’ Edward itself announced to his father.

‘Mom, please, let me meet her in outskirts, am madly in love with her’— Edward uncontrollably requested his parents ‘It’s my first warning to you; be careful’ Dan notified.

‘Daddy I have some plans ahead while reaching there’ Edward replied

 He hurried to his room and sat worried in a chair near his bedroom and all the trouble that ran in him was about the amount of freedom which he supposed and not getting in him and went on colourful thoughts about Lima. The parents talked each other about their son’s strange affection.

The morning’s cold weather was advancing to the city. Silence was playful in all the corners of the house. Noon came with a sunny face, and the pathetic parents still sat with anxiety in their faces.

Edward suddenly came out of his room and said his mom ’Mama let me go meet her; I want some hours, searching for peace. I need some warm air’.

There was not even mere peace in his mind with his stirred emotions; Edward expressed his liberal thoughts which were radical in appearance. Edward went out his house by that noon with his romantic heart. He had his hope of getting Lima to his life; her romantic face was gleaming with him. All he need was freedom and his Love. He had a huge sum of Romance in his hand to kindle a spark of hope. His first moves made him fly in pensive thoughts. He was yearning so much liberty in his own heights.

Though he lived in the Cultural city of Florence, which once a ‘Cradle of Renaissance’ and his active inspiration to create poems of culture, Wars and kings. Edward had a sad face when he thought of Florence. When he felt Lima’s absence, it was a great worry in him lot. He had his Florence, forever and yet in hope of finding a new world. Edward walked across the Fiesole hills, where he used to enjoy the first gleam of spring. All he wanted was to quench his rage by calming himself with the help of his favourite ‘Campari² ‘—silently to kill the pain. He reached a crowded part of the town and stepped into an old bar, where beer, liquor, wine and cocktails were served. He loved Campari with enthusiasm and madness, since he loved its intelligent effect. He needed strength and mental power. He engraved in his mind his precious love letters for her. He knew well about the lawyer’s character—a hard core monster. And Lima often told him about her father’s aggressiveness and his resistance for their loving hearts.

The town was in a massive celebration for the Christmas Eve. So was the old bar decked with various decorative materials like garland tinsels, glazing plastic balls hung in the ceiling and with trimmed colour papers all along the two long halls and upward the stairs to the balcony where young women served wine and tobacco in a narrow ray of light. While stepping into the bar, Ray Jerry and his friend Charlie recognized him.

Edward worked with Jerry in the laboratory where he working at present. Lima’s dashing face captivated Jerry. He started to love Lima and proposed her twice, but she rejected all the three times. When jerry knew she fell in love with Edward, he could not control it and lived with his broken heart until that year-end in loneliness to revenge. He left his job a few months later, hiding his identity. He self-added a new name called ‘Roman’ and leading nomadic life smuggling as well as selling illegal drugs. He was waiting for an opportunity to give Edward a fitting revenge and had been chasing Edmund secretly for two weeks until he met him in the bar along with his chemist friend Charlie.

‘There, Edmund, the chemist’ Charlie said

Jerry’s eyes rolled with anger and he thrown his words of fire Edward? —enquired jerry to his friend

‘Did he drink, — the chemist?’ Charlie enquired

‘Charlie,I have to revenge, he will drink it’ Jerry replied

After having their conversation so confidentially, Jerry and his friend remained in the alley for a while and approached Edward to befriend him. He cunningly called him:

‘Edward…, it’s me, Jerry, it’s me?’ Jerry acted joyfully

Edward at first cannot recognize Jerry because of his thick beard and a strange cowboy hat over his head .He had a dark sun glass and wore a suit more attractive. A sudden thunder struck around Edward’s mind and fear’s awful waves ebbed with suspicious images. Jerry’s extraordinary behaviour allowed him to think a while about jerry. Jerry’s new soft approach was strange to compare with his past rivalry towards Edward. Yet Edward imagined himself that Jerry would have forgotten the past

‘Hello Jerry, how is Christmas’ Edward wished jerry.

‘Edward, please come and sit with us now, we are going to enjoy the night together, join us! ‘ Exclaimed Jerry

‘Yes, of course’ Edward replied

‘O’ my friend, Now the Christmas celebration, and this night for us to celebrate’ Jerry said with his laughter

Jerry grabbed Edward’s hands and pressed him to a chair. ‘I know your favourite drink tonight, Campari? Jerry enquired 


Edward, how are you doing at your work? Jerry enquired to his companion.

‘Good, jerry, a little vexed in Life these days’ Edward said

‘Tell me what worries’ Jerry quickly enquired to Edward

‘It is about home, I am not getting freedom at home, free thoughts no more’ Edward said pathetically

‘Are you speaking about your present?’ enquired Jerry ‘Yes, am still thinking about her’ Edward replied

Jerry’s eyes started to roll one another and the film of revenge passed across them with a reddish effect, yet he hid his anxiety and replied smoothly

‘Join us Edward, we are living in the outskirts of the city, living without any crime’ jerry laughed louder

‘Jerry, are you still living in the cathedral side and working somewhere? Edward asked

‘No I am away, seeking peace like you too. I quit my home years ago and we two staying near the lagoon side working in a factory producing wines’ Jerry rubbed his words with passion.

Being drunk, Edward’s curiosity heightened .He began to ask about Jerry’s endeavours, one by one and Jerry gave wrong information about all the subjects he asked. Edward believed him and melted so much with Jerry’s strange character. Edward began to speak everything about Lima and the subjects regarding the plans of marrying her. Jerry did not ask much. He knew everything secretly with the help of his spy friend Charlie. Now jerry’s master plans have almost begun when the first bottle had been finished. His whole mind filled with jealousy and his lost passion of lovable thoughts. He flew into vivid regions of revenge. He even thought to kill Edmund with his soft tricks.

At the same time, Edward sunk into great agony while a cloud of darkness ran suddenly back and forth. He travelled with his train of thoughts. A dark hallo circled around his head and he started to weep thinking about his parents and angry next to her stern father, then tears rolled around his face.

‘Now this December is so cold, so we are going to shear the chillness, is that correct Charlie, a ha’ Jerry asked

Charlie nodded his head up and down in the air thrice and said ‘Yes boss, we do’

Charlie secretly gave a small pouch to Jerry. The white pouch had reached carefully into Jerry’s hands and he kept it his jeans pocket. As Jerry described to him earlier, it was powdered cyanide prepared by Charlie himself for their prey.

Minutes later Charlie and Edward went for a walk inside the bar and stood in the balcony awhile, to watch the colourful ambience of the bedecked bar. Jerry used this occasion to pour the poison into Edward’s drinking glass to end up his life. Jerry opened the other bottle of Campari, poured it into three glasses and promptly applied the poison into the Edward’s tumbler, which they prepared for him. Look, the tragedy was yet to reveal.

When both of them arrived back to their chairs, Jerry yelled with madness looking at Edward, which was just a mysterious act of his happiness. Edward was playful at that moment thinking of the new changes he saw in Jerry as well as the ill effects of alcohol took him to various regions of oblivion.

‘O Jerry! , the reunion is looking amazing tonight’ Edward stunned with ecstasy. Soon as a flash Lima’s obscured images came across his mind and their famous love, which was still incomplete. He was sighing for that and it appeared more optimistic in him for his plans to win her back. Edward drank the alcohol with a smile in his face; as soon as he consumed it, he felt something was wrong in it.

The poison began to spread quickly across his blood pumping parts across his brain .His eyes began to swell and became red with tears gloomed across his eyes. Charlie and jerry drank more glasses of alcohol with astonishment, knowing that Edward will never drink further. Time ticked twelve am as midnight. Men around the bar welcomed Christmas with great cheer. Jerry was so much confused as he could not know what will happen in that extraordinary atmosphere. Jerry got mad when he seen people cheering one another and exchanging Christmas gifts. He stared the faces with excitement. A thick bubble of red and white froth has started to flow from Edward’s mouth and painfully he felled hitting his head in the table.

Jerry and Charlie swiftly fled the bar through the rear door. Then they reached a cross-way and escaped in the dark. A Crowd began to swarm around his dead body and carried it to an inn nearby. They whispered each other’s ear, and blamed the alcohol, which killed him. They enquired about the other two men who accompanied with him minutes before the tragedy. Nothing yet revealed more. They could not yet identify it as a murder or a suicide. Someone said it was the effect of some high poison. A few of them recognized him vaguely and said his parents’ name. When the rush was getting down a heavy rain pelt the highway and mad as the dark night spread above the division of love. A quick breeze dashed across his dead body, which caressed him forth for minutes, solely it passed his face and away. . Copyright material@ Nithin purple


² —a mildly bitter apertif,coloured with cochineal ,often drunk with soda water or orange juice

Submitted: August 18, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Nithin Purple. All rights reserved.

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