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Just a little something-something i did for a friend. The part towards the end is a little rough; it always happens that i lose focus or interest in the story towards the finish and i end up screwing it all up, hehe.

Submitted: March 18, 2016

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Submitted: March 18, 2016



Have you ever looked back at your life, thinking that maybe if you changed ways sooner, maybe crossroads would've been fewer and goodbyes would have meant more? Maybe the people you let down would've been proud of you now, and maybe the sharp pain of loneliness would've been soothed by their healing smiles.

- It's too late for that now anyways, murmurs the man in front of me, his dry lips releasing a screeching sound as his mouth lets out the dusty words. 

He runs his fingers through his sticky hair as he clears his throat, squinting his eyes into a disappointed stare. His dark hair fighting back his boney fingers as they pass through the occasional silver hairs, like wind going through a corn field.

- I should really stop talking to myself, he says

- And this mirror needs serious cleaning.

I turn my cold stare around towards the clock, its precisely 11:24 PM.

- Here we go again, i shrug.

I go up the stairs and into my room, i lock the door, light the candles and sit patiently on the big tidy bed.
The room is getting darker, and as per usual the light goes out. This time i sealed the windows shut, and bought extra candles.

I stare blankly at the weeping candles as they burn away at my sanity. 
11:28 PM. I can hear the same old ambulance sirens in the distance, closing in with every ticking of the clock.

- I know i should have charged my phone, i'm sorry..

The ambulances take their usual time to reach my apartment, the red and blue lights shining through the window for a brief moment, then darkness overcoming the streets again. Complete silence once more, as expected. 
Not 2 minutes pass and the usual screaming started. What seems like water starts to drip down the ceiling and onto the candles. This is how i almost didn't make it last time, but this time around i bought bigger candles. 

The agonizing screaming stops as i can hear the doctors talk

- Keep her steady, damn it!

- I'm trying doc, but she seems possesed

- There's no other way, administer the... I close my eyes as the dialogue starts to fade out, letting only the machines speak.

The beeping ceases as the banging on the walls starts.

- I know i should've listened, i know.. I whisper to myself.

Every bang hits harder than the previous, getting closer and closer to the door.
The banging stops at the door. The room's temperature drops drastically as i start breathing heavily.

I make it to the door, even though my head was spinning like it used to the day after a college party.
The first knock on the door came, and i hear her beautiful voice once more.

- Open up honey, i'm home!

I can't hold my composure anymore as i drop to my knees. 
The door handle starts twitching

- I'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry... I whisper to myself incontrollably

The second, more violent knock woke me up to reality as once more i hear her voice, only this time it was different, i could feel her murderous intent thorugh her voice.

- Open up, i won't bite.

I close my eyes, everything will soon be over. I just had to close my eyes and wait.
The door handle starts twitching incontrollably as once more i am awoken to reality. I crawl back a few steps, shooked by the event.

Then the knocking started, in sync with the door handle as they both make up the audible representation of a migraine.

I could never get used to the screams. It was as if there were two people trapped inside the same body.
The screams turned into nervous crying and yelling in an unknown language that sounded like words spelled backwards.

As the clock ticks once more, the ordeal stops. I open my eyes and let out a sigh of relief.
I press my cheek against the door.

My wife died two years ago at 11:28 PM, after being diagnosed with an unknown mental illness a month prior. I've never listened to the priest when he offered her an exorcism, just like i never listened to her when she was cursing and yelling at me in the same bed i was in now.

What felt like an hour was only a minute, just like it only took one minute for her to drift away from my arms...

- See you next year, my love...

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