Gender: is it an issue?

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Article is based on some incidents which are used as a tool to explore the true condition of gender biased behaviour and impact. There is need of realization that mis-behaviour can be a worst discrimination too.

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011




Nani can we talk to Sir? No offence, amazingly it’s the sentence some are used-to-with. Being a forester I happen to travel to many places with different culture, rites and tradition but one similarity everywhere is a portrait of male as a society leader. It’s so common in the rural areas that people innocently expect a big man to enter in their place as a mentor rather than a girl who is half way thinner and younger. As if his big appearance is the certificate of his degree, no further study counts Huh!

My experience as instructor in one village was that, I didn’t even have to introduce myself because through their big experience they were already aware that I’m just the daughter of man (so called sir) who was supposed to be my counterpart from the same office. At that time, I just smiled, smiled as in to say I’m pleased that you guys recognize me as so young, daughter of just 30 years old man. But it’s not the case, after someone built a wrong perception; your whole effort goes on correcting it. It’s sometime awful that you have to control your emotion in resisting people’s remark. There are so many instances, where people just ignore the respected position of women, and its some-how hard to erase the misconception.  The worst condition is they don’t listen what you said and happily node to the verdict of your junior male staff.

Delighted to mention that, I had a friend whose irritation usually goes for a gate keeper of her office because he never greets her while he was happily seen greeting her male counterparts every day. That point of time, I simply thought, it’s his choice if he is not keen in respecting her we are no one to put him in the edge of coercion. But now, growing with the differences, I got to be aware of the impact of such behavior. It’s a professional life boss! It’s not the question of pride; neither it’s a question of equality. It’s about measuring the impact of someone’s gender biased behavior. He never greet, has to do many things with other people perceiving it. Now the question lies, why it was not easy for him to greet female boss, the activity which is encrypted in his Job’s ToR?

Sometime people just enter into your cabin and ask for someone titled “Sir”. If a woman come and says, “Yes how can I help you” they will still utter ‘oh sorry I want to meet “Sir”. Rather than in getting their works done, they are more fascinated in sitting with so called Sir ignoring the existence of the person they are looking for. Do you really want to be called by brother rather than sister or by father instead of mother just because you desperately wanted to be treated equally? It’s not for the sake of dictionary word, it’s just a gender driven word created to address particular sex. Professionally we might be called as sister, Ms., Mrs., Ma’am, whatever, but the value has to be equal in spite of TITLE addressed. Gender is not issue, our behavior is!!!

So lets’ not judge one’s physical appearance. I will respect the position one represent irrespective of gender, Will You?

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