You and I together

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The contents protrays the relationship of two sisters and theri activity opposite to each other. How their small small deeds become a usual habits and bonded them strongly.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011




“Nila can you just be generous enough to put your stuff in the right place” I cried like an old grandmother giving a verdict of how things used to-be in their generation. With Nila this was a something like a bed-tea, you get it on the very first morning. Why don’t you consider cleanliness in the kitchen despite catering your whole effort for the food to be looked well and rest looks worst?” Nila response used –to-be and is always a disaster on mine and plays as a crucial catalyst to make me splash more dialogue on her.

Nila and me, we are a complete opposite peace, where she enjoy hip-hop and I die for classical, She can be happy with the unmanaged things and I hate messed. One can hardly imagine what the story of eachday is while we share the same room. Mom and Baba gets annoyed with our fights in the adjacent rooms, but it can be soothing too if they take it as some interesting episode on T.V. I mean everyone loved loads of fried arguments in the T.V serials and here we resembling the same. C’mon Mamma just a suggestion.

Twist in our daily room soap is opposite do attract, but no way how can I be attracted to Ranbir Kapoor when I’m die-heart fan of my so called Hritik Roshan. Can you believe, I had to see the movie of Mr. Ranbir Kapoor and see him smiling on my room daily? Gosh! Once she joined my photo with Ranbir Kapoor and set it as wallpaper in her mobile just to tease me. Wow, was I irritated? Yes ofcourse I thought of flushing her mobile but then soon realized I’m a decent girl so could hardly do anything wrong with my gift to somebody. I took out my frustration in a different way; guess what, she is still unaware.

Recently, she joined one dance class, it had a very funny name though, suited her most. Anyone can express that it is some stupid dance centre by seeing her moves. Lol but NO, we were not allowed to called so, that had happened to be the best center in the city according to her. She never gets time to clean the room but she always has a plenty of time for that stupid moves to practice. House is like a terrible music centre when she tries funky dance and I, obviously, respected one n only classical dance and mamma opt for serials, definitely Baba going green with the news.  

I missed you Nila, I missed shouting at you, missed fighting with you. Remember how good I’m at being a grandmother of the family. I missed taking side of Baba and Mamma to make you in trouble and play a trick to make you responsible for the dinner since you are the good cook. Wow, those were the lovely days and I’m sure it will come again, those moments will be cherished and live again and again.

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