The Brave Pug

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A really short story...

Submitted: December 22, 2013

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Submitted: December 22, 2013



My wife was at work and I was working from home today. At 5 in the evening, I felt like eating something so went to kitchen to make an omelette.

I leave the balcony door open at times so Appy can go out to pee. Due to this being winter time, he raises his leg more often as compared to other times.

I also ensure that all other rooms have their doors closed because our cute little thing feels nature calls him from those rooms to shower his blessings there. Especially, the study room occupied by Dubey ji (our caretaker cum cook) is Appy’s favorite place since it is easy for him to find his most favorite toy — tooth brush. Believe me, it’s his toy and he has already stolen at least 7-8 tooth brushes from Dubey ji’s room in his 32 months of life.

So, I was busy making that delicious omelette that I make, while Appy was, as usual, sniffing around things in the house with his funny little black ‘always wet’ nose. Suddenly, I hear a noise as if Appy is dragging his bowl in which I had put in milk in the morning.

I turn around to see that there’s a totally naked monkey sitting in our living room. The milk bowl is upside down with all the milk on the floor, which our guy hadn’t even bothered to look at since morning due to his usual tantrums.

I leave my omelette, which by now had taken a glamorous shape, to shoo the monkey away. He looked at me with disgust and slowly moved out. I immediately closed the wire mesh door.

I looked at the mess this animal created and decided that cleaning it first is not the priority and my omelette deserves me first. So, I started moving towards the kitchen but wait…where’s Appy???

I called his name a few times and looked around but he is nowhere. I started having bad thoughts like our mothers or wives invariably have when we don’t come home on time — ”has anything bad happened to him?”. They never ever think his boss might have asked him to stay back or for that matter he must be having a good time with his friends. Anyways, only difference in my thought process was what if the monkey threw my Appy out of the balcony before attacking his milk bowl?

And then I hear his sniffing sound and tried locating him. I found him in Dubey ji’s room under the bed. Of course, he was safe and I was relieved.

But, my question was — how come he did not come out even after hearing all this noise? Or the bigger question — Was he in the room prior to the monkey’s arrival or he went in after seeing him?

Anyways, I thought my omelette is more important and I better eat it before it looses it’s awesomeness!

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