I will win, not immediately but definitely

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is all about the journey which taught me "Life is not about what we think, not goes in the way we want, it always keeps on popping up with shocks and surprises which makes it all the more beautiful".


This  is all about the journey which taught me "Life is not about what we think, not goes in the way we want, it always keeps on popping up with shocks and surprises which makes it all the more beautiful".

After a rocking college life it was time to look for a job.

I was an average and last moment exam time studying type of a student so it was not that easy for me to get a great job.

But sincerely completing a 6 months training program with KMG Infotech provided me with an initial boost that "Yes, I can do as well."

After a month of struggle for a job, I finally got one!

I joined ADI as a Software Engineer with so much excitement and enthusiasm and got a project which really required this kind of energy level.

Being a fresher, I had to accept each and everything irrespective of my capabilities. Usually, the first day in any company is induction day as I got to know from my experienced friends.

"HR will provide you joining forms, you will fill them, will take around 2-3 hours, then introduction of the company, HR will guide you towards your team and introduction of your team members, till then the day will be over".

The project named "Live Happy Life" was assigned to me.

One thing, even after so much experience "Live Happy Life" is still the best and the most challenging project I ever worked on. It is about analyzing generations of the family and predicting the problems a child can have in future.

With a brief description about the project my manager assigned the task to me. It was complex and took the entire day to complete it. Still I was happy that I completed it on time before leaving for home.

I didn't want to carry home work in my mind on the very first day but what I carried was my first day at office.

It was just the beginning, not a bad one but also not a good one. It was kind of an awakening call for me to learn, and to learn quickly. I took up the project as a challenge and started working hard to learn things and deliver on time.

I had heard that professional life is not only about work but there are many other things also which keep on disturbing you in between and bother you more than your task.

In the very first week, I witnessed this.

“When ego clashes with one person it is not only with the person but also with everything associated with that person.”

Being new it was difficult for me to understand what is right or who is right.

It was the time I didn't want anything to spoil or effect the building blocks of my life.

Till date I remember those words from my senior "Project is not going to work as it is not that simple as I have already worked on it. You will not be able to understand when it will enlarge and produce unexpected errors and no one will support you, not even the manager. You will be fired and then you will realize that what I was saying is right"

Very stressful words! Aren't they? These kind of words can really pierce and discourage any fresher.

Work stress was so much and these words really took my breath away. Couldn't keep these to myself as everyday something new was added to it. I was totally hung up, didn't even feel like doing any work, words from my seniors had started moving in my mind.

Then I decided to discuss all this with one of the best persons I ever met, who used to sit next to me. He guided me in such a mature and simple way that I followed it not only in my professional life but in my personal life too.

"Listen to everyone with open ears, things which are meaningful and useful just keep those to yourself, ignore the rest.

No one affects your work; it’s only you who is responsible for it."

These two lines really changed the way I took my life and helped me in shaping my career and skills for better.

I just learnt that we should always trust what is happening with us in the present and ignore what others keep on suggesting and force us to react for things which have not actually happened with us. If at that time I would have quit or given up considering being stuck up in the trap of my seniors then the story might have been altogether very different today.

After three months, I felt very satisfied and happy with my performance and got an appraisal for it too as I delivered which came unexpected from me because even experienced people failed in delivering the same. This really motivated me to work even harder.

By this time my personal life was a little affected by all this.

I was so much addicted to work as I could see the platform which would also shape my personal life in the coming future.

Hard work, growth and disturbing factors continued. Another responsibility was added to my schedule i.e. to provide training to Bio Informatics students. The work timings got weirder from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Within a week I got another training request from 6 of my juniors in college and I accepted that as well with a belief that I will adjust with this also with time.

So the working timings were hell from 6 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

I never thought that life could be so hard and complex, but I was still enjoying it because I knew I was learning and getting a good exposure which was the most important at this stage and these were my driving factors.

I completed both the training sessions successfully and it was a big relief for me after 3 months but still life wasn't easy.

In that course I learnt that "No one waits for you in this fast moving world, not even your loved ones"

And I came across the worst time of life, my personal life was totally shattered and I was really affected. All the hard work and growth looked like a waste.

It took me months to understand what actually happened but when I realized, I understood that this world is all about good times. Everyone runs away from you in your tough times.

I just decided to move on the path which will never ditch me that is the path of Hard Work and time for self.

After around 10 months, I was awarded employee of the month followed by an appreciation letter from the CEO of ADI. These two moments still motivate me during the times when I underestimate myself.

After almost a year of team efforts and hard work, I and my team were all set for the launch of my project. It was a great moment as everyone in the management and team really appreciated my work. This helped in building up my confidence and improving my performance.

Then came time for global exposure, Training of SharePoint, it was through Video Conferencing and participants were from almost every part of the country. I got a chance to represent my company.

During training of around 45 days, learnt a lot about technical aspects and shared my knowledge with experienced people around the globe.

This training was a real exposure for me and I grabbed this opportunity by performing exceptionally well. As a result, got calls from Dubai and South Africa, but considering having just an year of experience I was scared, so rejected these offers.

After spending almost 1.5 years here, I got a call from Alchemist. Was selected and decided to move on and join it.

Everyone feels happy when they are selected by a new company with their expected growth, but not in my case.

From the day I got the offer letter, I started preparing myself by learning new things to meet the standards of Alchemist.

I was nervous when I joined Alchemist because it is a very big organization and projects were also big for me. But again got good colleagues and a superb Manager and I made sure I worked hard to meet the standards of the projects assigned to me.

With time I was getting a good understanding of the projects so I started involving myself in each and every project which was going on there to learn and understand the actual business flow.

After ADI, the working environment here was awesome and with time I just started enjoying the work and environment here even more. I put in my level best to improve the quality of projects and implemented new things into the projects which I learnt by studying and watching interviews in free time.

Being a part of the IT industry, it is important for me to keep learning new things and interviews are the best knowledge providers.

Consultants kept on pinging me up with interview schedules and kept occupying my Saturday or Sunday with one or other interview. I was interviewed in almost every organization in Chandigarh. Some liked me, some rejected me, some put me on hold but I got what I really wanted i.e. an exposure to new things and the knowledge of fields where I was lacking.

It was really a great time there in Alchemist and I feel so lucky to have worked on international level projects which added the much needed confidence to stand up in any organization and deliver in any kind of project.

On 25th Feb, 2013 I joined FIS, Fidelity Information Service India, a dream organization. It’s the long awaited jackpot of my life and the reward of God for all my struggle and hard work.

Joining FIS was a dream come true which I saw during my college days.

 Although I went through such difficult circumstances which really affected my way of living, thinking and working, still I have always worked wholeheartedly and honestly and never thought of the devotion I am giving to the task and at what cost.

I am not lucky enough to hold every person who came in my life and played an important role in my success but still I am happy enough that they came and played their roles and taught me lessons which will always be a part of my life which I will never forget. There are so many true hearted people I came across, who always walked besides me and tapped me for my achievements and success.

No words can describe their role in my life. But still I want to thank them for their love and support in making my life more meaningful and on track.

Today, when I think of these last 3 years, there is just so much which I want to carry on my entire life.

There are so many people I wish I could hold forever but then the mind says "Do they really deserve?”

Now the time has come after so many hurdles and troubles to give time to myself instead of wasting on what had happened and enjoy what I have and want to enjoy what I missed in these last 3 years as these moments will never come back in our life again.

So just a wish I want to implement in my life:

"I want to live like a kid,

Away from bothering about others,

Smile without reason but true from heart,

Cry little harder instead of keeping hard things inside,

Stand up again with more determination every time i fall,

And enjoy the gift of life by sharing gift of smile with others.”


Submitted: April 21, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Nitish28. All rights reserved.

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