Detective Lonwolf: A Murder In The Mansion Part I

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
It was my first time writing a story and in English

it was one year ago, I wrote this to participate in the best writer competition in school and I won,somehow, but even after I wrote it I'm still not so comfortable about it,it has some flaws I know, but I hope you like it

Submitted: September 25, 2013

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Submitted: September 25, 2013



It's all started after midnight, a loud scream spread through a quite mansion. It was a normal night where the aristocratic family the Blinz invited crousers family into a dinner. The two families were well-known all over the capital London; the both conquered the business economy at that time.It was a wonderful night for everyone, they were 20 persons from both families are attending the meal, but someone was missing…

"Hey!" Mr.Dribin Blinz called out the maid. "Go and check on Steve, tell him that he will miss the dinner if he will be anymore late""Right" she replied. She went upstairs to Marty's room, she called him but there was no reply "Mr. Steve….please answer,*sight* you left me no choice". Fortunately the maid has all the keys for the mansion "Excuse me, I'm coming in" the maid said before she opened the door and went in "your father will be angry if you didn't……", just then , she let a scream that everyone in the mansion wasn't able to ignore she saw him, Steve Blinz…dead! . He was laying down holding a sharp knife in his right hand and big wound was there in his left chest, where the heart is, and surrounded by a blood pool. Everyone hurried up to the upstairs to see what is going on, no one believed what just happened , it was a moment of silence, until some broke up the silence and yelled " What are you waiting for call the police now!".

After that the police came to investigate, took the body and replace it with the white tape, meanwhile  a man who looked confident has appeared, he looked serious and ready to take action , after he entered the crime scene he held out his identity card and started introducing himself " Detective Mark Lonewolf from the police department "

"Nice to meet you Mr. Detective" Mr.Dribin said. And tears are still dropping from his eyes "Sorry for the loss of your son Mr., but trust me I'm going to find what really happened" The detective replied, then James exclaimed " I don’t understand!his life was just all right, why did he had to suicide!!"

“Perhaps he didn't” the detective replied after a moment of thinking. “Give me the autopsy report” the detective commanded to an office. After he read the report carefully he thought for a moment and said, “I think we are facing a serious murder case gentlemen”

After that someone laughed for a bit and said "Sorry detective but isn't this clear suicide, how did you conclude that it was a murder?" 

It was John Crousers, one of the famous and most succeeded businessmen in the city

 "You Crauser scum, I know that you are the one who did it, I'll never forgive you" James shouted. "Calm down gentlemen" Detective lonewolf said. "your brother didn’t attempt suicide, I had doubt at the beginning but I'm sure now, someone planned all this"

"How?" John asked

"Well…first, the blood pool"

"Yeah what about it?" James replied

"Don’t you think it's too much for someone stabbing himself in the heart"?

"Well, see detective, it's the heart so It's natural to have much blood"

"That's not what I meant" the detective replied directly. "officer jack, I guess you took photographs for the victim before it was taken and replaced with the white tape"

"Yes, sir" the officer replied. "Can I see it?" Dribin Blinz asked. But the detective replied apologizing " sorry mister, only us are authorized to look at them, they are very awful, can't let you see them"

"I understand", Mr.Dribin said. "Please continue on"

"Right" the detective started. "As the autopsy report stated, there was blood all over the victim. It covered him from the front and the back"

"Yeah so? The man stabbed himself a one last stab, and put an end to his life" john said

"Do you really believe it was just one stab?" the detective asked confidently.

"What do you mean?" John asked

"First of all, single stab wouldn’t make this mess of blood, and that takes us to the other point, as the autopsy report say, there's a possibility that the victim was stabbed more than once"

"What do you mean?, I don’t understand any of this!" James said.

"By the way Mr. Detective, didn't you try looking at the finger prints?" John asked.

"Yes we did, it the only finger prints we found were only belonging to the victim" the detective replied. "Hmm…sorry but I think you have to close the case, I can't see any other reason to his death other than suicide" Mr. Dribin suggested

"No, not when I'm that close, try to think out of the box gentlemen we have been tricked from long time now" the Detective said

"What do you mean tricked?, it's okay. My brother attempted suicide we can't change the truth" James said dramatically.

" The Autopsy report was useful for some time, but no need for it now" the detective took the report, shattered it and trashed it "What are you doing" "Are you out of your mind, these are an official records" the officers started to yell at the detective

"this report has lot of mistakes, its exactly what the murder wanted us to know, the cause of death is  stab to the heart, and the weapon is the knife"

"You don’t mean…" Dribin said. The detective continued directly " the crime scene was fabricated by the murder himself, he made it just if it was a suicide"

"Ahaa, good job detective" john said.

"at least we know that someone is behind all this" Dribin said

"I'm already been studying this murder took place in a time between 12 and 1:30, Officer Jack, the suspect list, now!"



To be continued in part 2……..

© Copyright 2020 Niwan. All rights reserved.

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