A Day in the Life of Axel Pangborn

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Welcome to a day in the life of Axel Pangborn.

Submitted: September 26, 2015

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Submitted: September 26, 2015



Saturday Morning 9:47am


He could see the buttery sunlight filtering through his eyelids and he thought it was quite unlike him to accidently leave the curtains open overnight. Usually he slept until about noon so a lack of sunlight was somewhat important to him. He rolled over in an attempt to block out the sun and his arm brushed something soft and warm. He reluctantly opened his eyes and saw a young woman beside him; blonde and gorgeous even with the dark pink lipstick smeared across her face and the eye makeup all rubbed away. Axel pulled his arm away from her and sat up slowly so as not to disturb her and he looked down at his leanly muscled body, naked beneath the expensive silk sheets covering the large California King bed. He sighed contentedly and leaned back against the headboard, the cool wood soothing his burning skin. He glanced over to his right and saw another body occupying his bed; a man perhaps in his early twenties sleeping just as soundly as the girl. Axel smirked and reached over the man carefully to grab the pack of cigarettes and the lighter from the nightstand. He stuck a cigarette between his lips and lit up. The blonde to his left stirred at the sound of the lighter clicking and Axel’s eyes moved towards her.

“Are you conscious, Lacy?” Axel mumbled around the cigarette. Her eyes opened slowly and she looked up at him with the saddest puppy dog face he had ever seen.

“M-my name is Tessa,” she whimpered as if he had just broken her heart. Axel blew out a lungful of smoke and muttered, “My bad.” Tessa’s bottom lip trembled with adorable sadness and Axel almost laughed.

“Th-the love of my life doesn’t even know my first name!” she cried, tears glistening in her large blue eyes. This time Axel actually did laugh.

“Love of your life? We only met last night,” he said with a grin. Tessa sat up and the sheets fell away from her, revealing her perfectly round breasts and her taut midsection. Axel had to admit that he really did know how to pick out the finest specimens of humanity.

“Love is love no matter when you meet! Haven’t you ever heard of love at first sight?” she asked and she lunged at him, smashing her lips against his. He thought about pulling away but then wondered why the hell he would ever do that. It would only make her obsession worse to kiss him again but what did he care? He ground his half smoked cigarette into the ashtray on the nightstand and wound his right arm around Tessa’s bare waist. The inside of her mouth tasted like lipstick and alcohol which wasn’t altogether a pleasant flavor, but he could taste something deeper; the thing he craved. The glittering thread of light that was keeping her alive; it was fresh and cool like frozen strawberries and honeydew and he gripped her tighter as he pulled at it…pulled it out of her and into himself. He wanted it…that light…desired it so strongly he could barely contain himself, but he stopped and the thread of light settled back inside her, resuming its steady pulse of life. He had already taken enough from her last night. He pulled away from her and held her at arm’s length though she was struggling to get at him.

“Stop,” he said gazing straight into her eyes and seeing his own image reflected back. Two faintly glowing blue eyes in a perfect face framed by messy black hair, fair and flawless skin and soft pink lips ruined by the two surgical steel rings he had shot through them when he was feeling particularly fed up with how young and innocent he looked…sometimes being a teenager for a few centuries got boring. Tessa stopped struggling and went limp in his arms. He sighed and sat her up against the headboard. “Your clothes should be around here somewhere, why don’t you go find them?” he suggested. Tessa sniffled pathetically and got out of the bed. Axel’s lecherous eyes ran all up and down her naked body and he felt every inch of his flesh burn with want though he had taken more than his fill the night before.

“Why don’t you love me?” Tessa whimpered as she found a pair of frilly pink panties on the floor and pulled them on. Axel suppressed a smile and crossed his arms behind his head.

“Like I said, we just met and I don’t love easily,” he mumbled. Tessa stared at him with her bra halfway on and again she resembled a lost puppy.

“But we…we made love…it—it was special,” she whispered. Axel rolled his eyes and said, “It was just sex, Tessa, something so special you shared it with more than one person.” His words were harsh and they nearly made her dissolve into tears. Her eyes fell to the man who was still sleeping with his face in the pillow. She looked as if she hadn’t even noticed him until now.

“But—” Tessa started but before she could continue the sleeping man groaned, “Would both of y’all shut up I’m trying to sleep here!” Axel glanced at the man and said, “I suppose your name isn’t Lacy either.” The man groaned again and pushed himself up so that he was sitting.

“No, I’m Jason,” he replied rubbing his eyes. He groaned again and muttered, “I’ve got a killer headache. How much did I drink last night?” Axel smiled and responded, “Evidently you drank enough to get into bed with me.” Though Axel knew that the man only had about two drinks, neither of them very strong; he was prepared to let the man believe whatever he wanted because Axel knew that Jason’s head hurt for a very different reason. Sometimes that was a side effect of Axel feeding. He must have taken more from the boy. Jason’s hands fell away from his eyes and he caught a glimpse of Axel’s face. And upon realizing that he was stark nude but for a bit of sheet covering his private bits his entire face flamed beet red.

“I’m pretty damn sure I didn’t drink enough to turn gay!” Jason shouted trying to pull the comforter around himself. Axel let out a snort of laughter and said, “Oh honey, it’s not gay if it’s a three-way.” Jason’s face flared in anger and he yelled, “Shut up!” Axel laughed even harder and said, “Oh come off it, Jason. Does it really matter who you’re in bed with as long as you’re having fun? Gay or straight sex is sex.” He looked up at Jason with raised eyebrows and asked, “You did have fun, didn’t you?” Jason looked away for a moment and rubbed his temples before replying, “Y-yeah, I had fun with her.” He pointed at Tessa without actually looking at her. Axel scoffed and Tessa narrowed her eyes.

“I didn’t even know you were there until a few minutes ago,” she said as she pulled on her little red dress that hugged all her curves in all the right places. Jason’s face seemed to now be in a constant state of on-fire.

“I-I’m leaving!” he announced loudly as he spotted his boxers and jeans on the floor. He hurried over to them and quickly got dressed.

“I’m sorry you feel so betrayed or whatever but I’m telling you that no matter how persuasive I was you wouldn’t have come home with me if you didn’t want to deep down,” Axel muttered. “I could have found a guy who actually liked dick, but you were just so damn sexy I couldn’t stop myself,” he continued. Jason whirled around and snarled, “If you ever tell anyone about this I will—”

“You’ll what?” Axel asked with a salacious smirk looking up at Jason who was still shirtless. “What will you do to me?” Jason turned away with a grimace and said, “You’re disgusting.”

“Oh, say it again! You seemed to really enjoy disgusting last night,” Axel retorted.

“Shut your fucking mouth!” Jason said glaring at Axel. He had found his shirt and he pulled it over his head. Axel grinned and said, “Aw, you’re so sexy when you curse. Do it again.”

“Fuck you!” Jason shouted.

“You already did that a couple hours ago but I wouldn’t mind another round,” Axel said with a shrug. Jason turned away and stormed out of the room.

“And I thought I was being overdramatic,” Tessa mumbled watching Jason leave. Axel chuckled and said, “He just doesn’t want to admit that last night was the best night of his life.” Tessa sat down on the bed beside him and looked into his eyes.

“I have no problem admitting that was the best night of my life. I wish it could have lasted forever,” she whispered. Axel smirked and replied, “You and me both, too bad you conked out before I could really get started…now I am almost positive there was someone called Lacy that came back from that bar with us.” He looked around as if he might find her hiding behind a lamp. Suddenly the dark blue sheets began to ruffle and up popped a pretty little red head with soft white skin and deep hazel eyes.

“That would be me…I was hiding…waiting for everyone else to leave so I could have you all to myself,” she said in a babyish voice as she climbed on top of Axel. He reached up and tucked a strand of her flaming hair behind her ear.

“No wonder I remembered your name…you are a work of art,” he whispered letting his hand fall away from her face and to her neck. She wasn’t as attractive as Tessa by any means, but there was something inside her that shimmered brighter than whatever glittered inside Tessa or even Jason; the essence of vitality pulsing so strongly Axel could barely hear over the thundering drumbeat. He drew himself closer to her and gestured for Tessa to leave the room. Tessa scoffed and said, “No way am I leaving you with that ginger slut.” Lacy was so concentrated on Axel that she didn’t even seem to hear Tessa. Axel’s eyes flicked to Tessa and she saw them glowing faintly, but she was so absorbed by the very idea of him that it didn’t even register in her mind that people’s eyes didn’t normally glow.

“If you go wait in the other room like a good girl I might give you a little one on one time as well,” he said softly trying to remove the annoyance from his voice. At the proposition Tessa jumped up off the bed and raced into the other room slamming the door behind her and screaming, “I’ll be waiting!” Lacy giggled and looked down at him.

“Nice play,” she murmured.

“Mm,” Axel replied pulling her down closer to him and pressing his parted lips to her mouth. He barely had to search for the life thread it was so prevalent, flowing through every part of her. The taste of her skin faded into the background as the thundering of her life filled his head, drowning out even the sound of his own thoughts. He pulled her into his lap without taking his mouth from hers and he squeezed her thigh, her fair skin swelling up between his slender fingers. His other arm curled around her back, his fingers digging into her tender flesh and she gasped against his mouth. She pressed into him wanting him more and more the longer he touched her, feeling the heat of his skin unbelievably warm soaking into her and burning her alive with passion.

Before he could stop himself he pulled a wisp of her blazing life thread from her mouth like sucking a sigh from her lungs. The taste was indescribable and he grabbed her harder, feeling her blood almost cold against his burning fingers. She clutched at him desperately pressing her body forcefully against his as if she were trying to become completely taken in. It was common for those who had the most life left to live to have the most and the richest life thread…young healthy children mostly, but this girl had a life force the likes of which Axel hadn’t felt in ages and he wanted it. He wanted all of it! The charge of a life thread became excited just as its host became excited and was most easily acquired during sex…He had felt it the night before, but with two others greedily clawing at him, he hadn’t paid as much attention to this one girl, but he did know that she was his favorite.

He could feel her heart beating faster and faster as she thrust herself against him, her breath rushing through her nose quick and hot because she was just as reluctant to pull her mouth away from Axel’s as he was, but he could feel what she wanted to say…it was what every person who ever had the pleasure of his company wanted to say…Take me! Take me now! Takemetakemetakemetakeme!

And take he did until he couldn’t even see her face in front of his and his body felt so light he thought he might soar away. Taking him higher and higher than any drug manmade or otherwise could ever take anyone. Then it just stopped and he felt a body slide out of his arms, but he couldn’t remember who it was or even see through the haze of white-blue light in front of his eyes. He leaned back and blinked until the fog lifted, his hands gripping the edge of the bed for fear he’d float off. His entire body felt like it was vibrating with energy and the nearly unbearable heat that always boiled beneath his skin had cooled to a soothing burn. He finally regained the ability to see, though things still seemed a little wiggly about the edges, rippling like mirages. He leaned forward still holding onto the bed and he saw Lacy, her pale skin still glowing with the remnants of his heat, her hazel eyes frozen open and her pink lips spread in a content smile.

“Oops,” Axel said with a sigh and he grabbed another cigarette, lighting up before climbing out of bed and finding last night’s jeans. He pulled on the jeans and glanced again at the dead girl lying on his bed. He shook his head and searched the bedroom floor for her clothes. He found them and set them beside her body and then he found her small leather purse. He dug through the bag and found her wallet and her smartphone among other superfluous objects. He opened her wallet and saw her driver’s license. “Lacy Kissinger…age…shit,” he muttered and he closed his hand around the thin plastic card that was her identity. He took in a deep breath of smoke and glanced at her. “You told me you were legal,” he mumbled as he tapped his cigarette against the edge of the ashtray. He looked back down at her license…at the 1998 next to the words ‘date of birth.’ It had been a long while since he had sex with a minor and the last time…well she had been the daughter of a U.S. Representative and her dad had walked in on them…she had also lied about her age and since Axel’s current ID said he was eighteen he had gotten into a bit of trouble. Nothing that he couldn’t find his way out of but it was still irritating. Sometimes he wished humans weren’t such liars.

“Hey! Are you almost done in there? When is it my turn?” Tessa’s voice came from the other side of the bedroom door. Axel sighed and slipped Lacy’s ID back into the proper slot in her wallet and he leaned forward placing his elbows on the tops of his thighs and glaring at the ground.

“I was doing so well…” he murmured taking another drag off his cigarette. His last kill had been over three months ago and he was proud of that fact. “And you had to go and ruin it, you stupid lying little bitch,” he snarled turning to glare at Lacy’s body.

“Can I come in yet?” Tessa begged from outside the door. Axel ignored her and picked up Lacy’s phone. He swiped the screen to unlock it and then went to her contacts. There were tons of numbers: mother, father, brother, aunt, grandma and a bunch of names that meant nothing to Axel except that Lacy had been loved. He squeezed the phone and it splintered to pieces in his grip. He really hadn’t been planning on covering up a murder when he woke up this morning.

“I’m coming in!” Tessa announced and as she opened the door Axel rushed forward and met her, blocking the bed from view. She gazed at his hard torso, every muscle seeming to flex even though he was standing perfectly still. “Uh…are you—are you finished with that tramp?” she asked her eyes still glued to his body as if she were seeing it anew.

“Yeah, but I wore her out pretty good so we should go somewhere else and let her rest,” he replied with the perfect amount of charm. Tessa looked up at him and smiled before agreeing. Axel closed the door behind him and the moment he did, Tessa was on him. He was tempted, he really was, but the fact that he just killed someone after so many days of being clean was really getting to him. He didn’t feel that guilty for killing her, he was more upset at himself for screwing up, breaking his streak and giving himself extra work to do when all he really wanted to do today was smoke a couple joints and play Infamous Second Son on the new PS4 he got a couple days ago. Sometimes he really did just want to be the age he looked.

He grabbed Tessa’s upper arms and pushed her away gently. She looked almost unbearably heartbroken. Axel pulled his hands away from her and rubbed the back of his neck. He took the nearly spent cigarette out of his mouth and said, “Actually, I’m kind of tired too…and didn’t you say last night that you had some sort of interview for a job or something this morning.” It was her coquettish argument for not going home with him and he barely had to beg to get her to give in. He hadn’t even had to use his ‘special charms’ unlike Jason because he was indeed a straight man…or at least he was. Axel had an uncanny ability to make most men question their sexuality. Tessa pouted and then she mumbled, “Yeah…it’s for a position as the assistant for my dad’s old boss. It seems really boring though all I’m supposed to do is type and get coffee and stuff for all the people at the law firm.” Axel tilted his head to the side and asked, “Your father is a lawyer?” He moved away from the door and down the hall and she followed.

“He’s a district attorney now. But the guy I’m gonna be working for is a total perv. I’m gonna have to wear a freaking burka to work so he won’t try and hit on me,” she complained and Axel nodded as if he were listening even though all he could think about was how hot she’d look in a burka. They came into the living room and Axel was surprised to see Jason sitting ramrod straight on the sofa his hands curled into fists and pressed against the tops of his thighs.

“Thought you’d gone,” Axel said coming up behind the sofa. Jason didn’t turn around when he responded, “My car ain’t here. I left it at that stupid bar when you kidnapped me you fucking faggot!”

“Hey!” Tessa shouted and she sounded genuinely angry. “That is not an okay word! You should—” Axel held his hand up and said, “It’s okay.” He leaned over the back of the couch and slid his arms around Jason’s neck.

“You know what homophobia really says about you, right?” Axel asked with a smirk and Jason jerked away from him.

“Get the hell away from me, you creep! You-you kidnapped me! You drugged me or something! That is the only way I would ever end up here! You put something in one of my drinks!” he shouted. Axel rolled his eyes and sarcastically said, “Oh yes, the boy’s figured it out. I drugged you!” He shook his head and pointed at Jason.

“You had two drinks at that bar last night, rum and coke, and you drank both of them before I approached you and asked if I could buy you another. You said, ‘sorry, I don’t roll that way’ and that’s when I proceeded to persuade you. I didn’t do anything remotely illegal to you, so calm the fuck down,” Axel said his voice flat and lacking its usual charm. Usually he was all kisses and unicorns after a good feed like the one he just had, but killing people put him in a bad mood lately. He just didn’t relish the kill like used to back in the day. The only comfort that he had was that Lacy had died a very happy girl.

Jason stared at him and then huffed moodily. “I need to get home before my dog starts chewing up the couch,” he muttered.

“Hey! That’s my car out there!” Tessa said peeking out the window into the small parking lot. Axel sighed and tossed his burnt out cigarette into the garbage bin. She turned to look at Axel and asked, “Why didn’t you take us here in your car?” Axel shrugged and replied, “I don’t have a car. I took a cab.” Actually he had flown but he figured saying he took a cab was a little less weird. Jason glanced at Tessa and asked, “Would you mind giving me a ride?” Tessa looked at Axel and then back at Jason and she sighed.

“Sure. I have to get back home to get ready for a job interview anyway,” she said and she found her handbag which was resting neatly on the coffee table in front of the sofa that Jason had been sitting on and dug out her keys. Jason started towards the front door of the house and Tessa followed. Axel closed his eyes for a brief moment and then followed Tessa and Jason down the hall. Tessa opened the door but turned around before Jason could leave the house. Her eyes locked on Axel who was approaching them with his hands in his pockets.

“Will I ever see you again?” she asked. He shrugged and replied, “If you’re lucky.” He leaned towards her and kissed her gently on the corner of the mouth. He took the heat away from her, took the obsession until he could barely feel it throbbing in her chest.

“Good luck with your interview,” he said as he pulled away from her. “I hope you get the job.” She looked mildly confused as if she didn’t know why he just kissed her, but she didn’t exactly seem to mind. She left the house and went to her car. Jason made to follow her but then he turned back and Axel could see spots of color blooming in the boy’s face. Axel smirked and patted Jason on the shoulder.

“Not that it really matters, but there were two girls in bed with us…that’s not gay so stop getting your boxers in a twist,” he said softly. Jason sighed and then nodded grudgingly. He turned to leave and then abruptly spun back around, grabbed Axel’s face and planted a kiss directly on Axel’s mouth only to pull back far too soon.

“I did have fun last night and it wasn’t because of those girls, it was because of you, whoever the hell you are, and it wasn’t because you’re a boy or because they’re girls…it was because you’re…you’re—”

“I’m me. I get it,” Axel finished for him. Jason nodded and then growled, “If you ever tell anyone that I just kissed you, I will come back and smash your PS4 with that hot as hell Sydvicious signed bass guitar, you got me?” Axel smirked and pushed Jason out of the house.

“I got you,” he said and he kept the door open, smiling like a gracious host until they pulled out of his driveway and sped off down the street. Then he closed the door and let out a loud sigh.

“Alright Lacy Kissinger, time to make you disappear.”

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