Time will tell

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It’s not like counting sheep you don’t fall asleep, instead you watch the hands pass by the numbers until collectively it all becomes a blur. Soon you feel your heart beating in time with them and it becomes an extension of yourself.

Submitted: May 31, 2008

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Submitted: May 31, 2008



16 hours and 32 minutes. That’s 32 minutes and 15 seconds. 'Tick, tick’ ...I rolled onto my side away from the clock. I should stop counting. It’s not like counting sheep, you don’t fall asleep, instead you watch the hands pass by the numbers until collectively it all becomes a blur. Soon you feel your heart beating in time with them and it becomes an extension of yourself.

2 days. 2 days is what she’d given me to answer her question. I turned back again to look at the clock, ‘tick, tick’ I counted; I have 31 hours and 26 minutes left, that’s 26 minutes and 3, 2, 1…

The sound of my cell phone brought me back, seems I had fallen asleep after all. I turned my eyes away from the ceiling toward the wall where it sat andwatched me. It was still hanging on its back, its hands taking the same merry rout around it’s face. Though, they had moved quite a bit.

My thoughts were interrupted when I realised my phone was still ringing and I quickly sat up and reached over for it on the bed side.

“Reece?” I said with a muffled temper.

“We got a body…” his deep voice buried the sound of the clock andI took a few secondsfor my earsadjust.

“Ok, I’m on my way!” I said dryly making it evident I had been sleeping and ended the call before he could reply.

I gathered my stuff together, my kit was already in the car so all I needed was my mobile and change of clothes andas I stepped out I looked back once more at the clock – 26 hours and 14 minutes, and I still had no answer!

I hadn’t expected her to be there, Sophie I mean. I think she caught me looking at my watch, andchances are she would haveas I was doing it every few minutes. Nobody else would notice that mind, they wouldn’t of been paying attention like she was, thoughmore obvious in our silence was the tension between us. She knew this and smiled comfortably, whileI couldn’t even manage that!

The evidence was packed up and this part of our job was done for the time being. As I packed away the last of the evidence, she stood there watching me, obviously expecting something. Stern and somewhat ignorant I said nothing and started toward my car.

“Reece?” she called out desperately.

My feet shifted against the dry ground asI paused and considered how best to react, not yet able to turn around.

“Sara!” she called, this time using my first name.

“Yeah?” I replied softly and turned to look at her. We both wore shadesand soI was able to look into her eye’s without concern.

“I’m going for a few drinks with the guy’s after shift, to celebrate my last few days. You’re welcome to join us.”

Celebrate? I bit my lip. She is celebrating leaving? “Ok… thanks!” I said simply and turned away knowing my hesitations probably stood for a lot more than my answer.

I finished packingthings into my car, hands slightly week and shaky andhoped to get away quickly. I closed the boot, and hastily jumped into the drivers seat. As I turned the key a hand knocked on my window. I looked up to see Sophie smiling.

Holding my breath, I wound the window down.

“I forgot to tell you…” she looked at her watch “My shift ends in 2 hours”.

I nodded and she stepped away. I already knew this. She knew I already knew, her point in telling me was for another reason and she made it clear by looking at her watch. I drove home thinking about this, even counting how long the red light took before changing to green; approximately 25 seconds.

She was the one who’d told me no pressure, no expectations, but she had to expect something? A smile, a laugh or a simple glance, she knows they all mean so much more than anyone else cared to know. You see everything in colour, every moment is analyzed and noted whether it’s accountable or not and then if you are like me you wait and play these moments again and again just in case maybe you missed something important. But I never missed a second of it.

I pulled into the car park andknowing she would behere shortly too I rushed myself into a panic carrying everything under arms over shoulders and balancing palms. Nobody noticed my struggle as I marched down the corridors in search for the perfect place to hide.

And there I hid for as long as I could in an empty lab sifting through debris from the crime scene, I couldn’t let anything go a miss simply because I wasn’t as focused as normal. In fact the time passed quicker now that I was busy and sure enough the time came when she found me!

“Hey…” she spoke softly, her head poking around the lab door.

I looked up at her and pulled the plastic goggles away from my eyes. I smiled at the sight of her, I couldn’t help it seeing her look so fragile and helpless. Or maybe the time away from her had forced the truth upon me - I missed her!

“Hi!” my voice was cheerful and of a higher pitch than I would’ve expected from myself.

“We’re off now for those drinks, are you about ready?”

“I just need to err… cross my T’s and I will be right there. You at Franky’s?” I asked.

Franky’s was our bar. The place we always went for breakfast after a hard graveyard shift, or just for a few beers. Sure, everyone from the labs went there, but it was still our place.

She looked instantly upset by my commentbut managed to answer in a clear voice, “Ok!”

We both knew that what I'd said probably meant I wouldn’t go and not because I didn’t want to be around her, just not while I was trying to find an answer to her big question. I watched her smile slip as she turned away and I felt my stomach sink at the thought of upsetting her.

“Soph!” I called her back.

“Huh?” her voice hadlowered into an emotional tremble.

“Give me 10 minutes.”

She smiled warmly at my confirmation and I smiled back assuring her, thinking to myself then ofhow I would replay this moment back again later. I always did!


15 minutes and 32 seconds. That’s 5 minutes and 28 seconds late and I knew she'dhave noticed this. It will be played in techno-colour and surround sound when she thinks back at this moment.

So there I was falling out of my car, in thehopeI could keep to at least one promise but in a similar panic to running away from her a few hours ago I nowfound myself running to her.

That’s when I stopped dead in the street, my trousers scuffed at the knees and eyes streaming fromthe lack of sleep. I stood fondling my keys in my hand, my heart was thumping at the thought of disappointing her. There I realised that everything I'd been asking myself had been answered already. For a few desperate seconds I couldn't breath, asking myself over and over “What do I do now?”

10 seconds passed and I started to walk again. 16 minutes and 15 seconds late and I saw her at by bar, her mousey blonde hair let loose across her shoulders as she did when off shift. As I entered the entire bar drifted into the background. Only she noticed me walking in. Only she looked up and smiled.

“Hey, Sara!” she said with a sense of relief.

I stopped in front of her, suddenly weak at the knees and unable to move any closer. All I could do was shake my head at her apologetically “Sorry I’m a bit late!”

“About 5 minutes!” she threw a hand forward as if to say it’s nothing and not to worry but I knew it mattered, she'd been watching the clock as I had.

“What would you like?” she offered to buy me a drink.

“Nothing strong, I will have to get back to the lab later to finish up.”

She noded, a little sad at the thought and asked the barman for a juice. I knew she’d of liked for me to have a drink, relax and talk about things. We moved to a table where 20 minutes passed without us mentioning it, instead we joked and laughed about lighter subjects. 1 minute later andI decided enough is enough! I placed my glass down with a clank on the table and her laughter faded, forgetting what it wasshe found so funny.

“What?” she asked finally whilst playing nervously with the label on her bottle bud andstill managing to maintain eye contact. She begged for an answer to the look I was giving her.

“Nobody else notices things quite like you do...”

She looked down at the bottlewhere the paper now sticking to her finger tips and then at the others still at the bar celebrating her leave, and then back at me. “I try to control it, sorry.”

I quickly dismissed any doubts she had by smiling and shaking my head at her. I didn't say anything as I picked up my drink, taking a sip andplacing it aside.After a short pause Itook a deep breath“All this time I had no idea how intense…”

“Lady’s, another one?” Cal interrupted, offering to get the next round. Neither Sophie or I looked up at him insteadour eye contact on each other remained constant and intense.

“No thanks, I have to get back to the lab” I tell him without looking away from her. I don’t know what Cal said or did after that, the only thing I could see was her. Everything had stopped, time had stood still and I thought to myself then that if I were to lean inand kiss her nobody would notice… and as I lent forward…

"Sophie, Sara?" Cal called out with a kept irritation. He was still stood there expecting something from us!

Sophie finally looked up at him, “Sorry, Cal, what?” she squinted.

“You know what, nothing, it’s Ok, forget it!” he grumbled and walked back toward the bar. The one thing about Cal, was that he obviously had a thing for Sophie.

Ashe left I thought about that kiss again, and as I lent in I felt her hand settle on my knee underneath the table.

“Wait… Not here” her hand squeezed my thigh lightly before letting go, leaving the warmth of her touch there.

Minutes passed, too quick for me to count and still we hadn't spoken. We just looked into our glasses and then at each other only to look away when it got too intense. With a sigh I took the last sip and placed the glass down, catching her attention.

“So, it’s back to the lab?” she huffed.

“Back to the lab” I told her. I thought she might’ve asked me then, might’ve made it easier for me to say it but she didn't, she let me walk away. I could feel her eye’s burning into my back begging me to look back once before walking out of the door and I did, we smiled at each other and then I left.

Time slowed down again as soon as I got back to work. But now things had changed, I knew what I wanted and I couldn‘t wait to tell her. The moment came when I was sat in my car in the parking lot, getting ready to go home. 17 hours and 43 minutes left. I had my answer, I knew now that I'd had it from the beginning, the real question I was asking myself was can I accept it. This question had been answered a few hours ago and now the time had come to stop, to stop counting.

Her hand knocked against the passenger window of my car making me jump. I reached over to open the door from the inside to let her in.

“Hi.” She chirped.


She sat beside me, both of us now in silence and looking ahead out into the parking lot.

“I’m sorry about earlier…” I spoke at last.


“I shouldn’t ofwalked away, I‘m sorry!”

“Don’t be” she said bluntly.

“I realised though…”

We both paused again, this time looking at each other. I watched her lips part, her tongue wetting them before speaking.


“I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t wait another 17 hours, thinking about whether you will pass me on my way out, or if you will be sitting in the staff room when I’m on my way in, or if I should just ignore you…” I took a deep breath and sighed “I tried that.”

“I know” there was a heartbeat “Tell me you want me to stay. Tell me not to go and I wont.”

I checked myself, this is what I wanted right? “It didn’t work you know” I said, not answering her question.


“Ignoring it, I mean you, us. I can’t let you go. If you go I will go crazy.”

She smiled, looking away to contain herself and then back at me again just as happy. “Are you sure?” all I could do was nod and grin at her. “Can you wait for a few days? I will have to speak to a few people, make sure I‘m good to keep my job here.” she added.

“Can I wait, you wouldn’t ask me that if you knew how I’ve been counting the seconds.”

She suppressed a smile, she knew very well I had been.

She had given me 2 days to decide if she should stay or go. We’d never discussed ‘us’ but we'd both felt it. I knew if she stayed it would change my whole life. I had 2 day's and then she'd be of, 500 miles south of here, for good.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blush” I told her.

“No?” she seemed surprised.

Ok so maybe I had seen her blush come to think of it but I teased her shaking my head at her playfully.

“Shut up and kiss me!” She said huskily and leaned forward taking her hand to the back of my neck to pull me closer, and there we kissed until time itself was lost forever!

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