Why do we tell stories?

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Stories are the breath of humanity. I came to this conclusion because in The Crucible, John Proctor, with his last breath said the Lord’s Prayer, this symbolizing/ representing/creating a story of rebellion. In Big Fish the old man’s last dying words were “It’s the story of my life.” The reason why people tell stories is to reach a point of certainty that those who are listening will remember it. We tell stories to not forget why we live, and sometimes, how to live. In truth, some people forget how to even be human and need to be reminded again. Through stories we take a breath and let it out towards others, and dissemination occurs. Each breath we take is for a meaning, and some people in society haven’t found out why. Some can look to stories, others tell their story; yet, either way it is passed down and immortalized.

Submitted: September 20, 2014

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Submitted: September 20, 2014



Why does the mother cradle the baby 
And sing the journey of a bumblebee
Is it for the longing of peace or a teaching, maybe

Why does the father scold the child
For a misdoing that was small and mild
But it is for the sake of teaching, and he smiled

Why does the old man sit on the chair
While the young ones sit and stare
And listen to his every breath filled with care

Why does the professor come to teach
Of an ancient city, that society can’t reach
Could it be for nothing, or so it can be heard in speech

Why would anybody remember or care
Of a girl in a home that belonged to a bear
Yet, not know the answer for why stories we share

Why could they think it’s just for fun
Their names and faces I scorn and shun
For this is my answer, all questions are done

Why we tell stories is to not forget reality
To not forget society’s brutality
But most of all… immortalize humanity.

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