Tattiana Tallulah Twigg (the visit to the vet man)

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Story 2 in the life of the scruffy chorkie pup... a visit to the vets

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012



I am Tatty, Tatty dog,

I'm bigger than a pussy cat

but smaller than a frog


As it was a sunny day

my mammy let me out to play

my brother Obie,(stupid boy)

chased me coz i had his toy


We hurtled round the garden then,

we sprinted through the house again

he raced under the dining chair

i followed him without a care


the chair it fell (he was too quick)

on me it landed (made mam sick)

i screamed so loudly,mammy cried

to the vets with me (we just about flied)


the lovely man (he is a vet)

said "oh no,whats happened ,to your pet'

my mammy told him the tale of woe

and so he took me down below


he gave me medicine

to make me sleep

and took an xray

(that photos deep!)


he found out then id broke my foot

in three places as well to boot!

he put a plaster round the break

and said 'she must rest now ,

for goodness sake'


I came home the day after that

to an awful cage (with a pee pee mat!)

my mammy's hugs are making well

but i wont be playing chase again (well not for a spell....)


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