Love Lies Bleeding... (Itachi Uchiha)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A plague. A burden on the world. What a way to be living life. Keres is a young prodigy, with a goal to make the world remember her. Losing her parents at a young age, something inside her changed. An unnatural need to kill, and the pain of an unnatural throb.

Known as a demon, gifted with the art of torture. She has become the very darkness in the night. Making a name for herself, and moving from place to place. She has been hunting the Akatsuki. And has been given a chance to prove herself. Cocky as ever, she sets out for her future.

At the unnaturlly young age of 16, she has a reputation so deadly that she is wanted in every country. A killer amongst people. A mirror image of the Greek god herself, Keres was a female warrior that would enter into battle and use the most painful of ways to kill her victims. This is a quality along with the name that has passed down to Keres Lotus. Ruthless, and cunning. She enjoys the slaughter.

But to find another, to find another person that may in any way possible have some kind of connection or something in common with her would be a miracle. What would happen if this demon of torture found someone to rely on. Someone that could look past her nature to the frightened being inside.

This is to be a Demons' love story

Table of Contents

Meeting in the Dark

It’s been one year since I’ve become a missing-nin. One year since I said goodbye to the life that any other would have wanted...But ... Read Chapter

Truth of the Deamon

When I had woken up the sun was only just on the horizon. Shadows covered the ground, and I could hear the call of a crow in the distance... Read Chapter