My Last Breath... (Kakashi Hatake)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Kaminari clan has a reputation for being one of the most traditionally brutal of Lightning country. A once adventurous and welcoming people have developed strong internal ties that dictate that "Anyone born differently is a dishonor to our people, and should therefore be disposed of."

Rei is the first-born daughter of the clan's leader, and happens to be next in line to take control of the clan. But she'd been born with a black flamed birthmark upon her right hand, that gives her the unnatural ability to twist the elements of fire and shadow together. With her extensive research into her clans archives, Rei has discovered that she is the only one in her family to have received the clans lost kekkei genkai in over a century!

But her people feared difference; so they'd deemed her a blasphemy and attempted to murder her to bring honor back to their steady and secluded like. But Rei had been able to escape from her clan, and leave her native Lightning country in the search of a new home to offer sanctuary and employment. So with her injuries, Rei had traveled from the Lightning border to the Hidden Leaf village, where she'd been found by none other than Kakashi Hatake.

With her clan believing she's dead, and the hope of becoming a kunoichi of the Leaf; Rei has the expectations of greatness on her shoulders. But with the welcoming faces of all those around her, she feels like she's finally found acceptance.

Turmoil is sure to come, as it is the job of shinobi to fight the countries battles. And Rei is all but ready to prove her worth to her new home.

Table of Contents

Kunoichi in the Dark

The steady moon held high in the midsummer sky. A light breeze from the north rustled the leafs in the trees, and the sound of an evenl... Read Chapter