chasing the criminals

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
chasing the criminals short story is base on detective who goes after the criminals who have been committing crime over years and years.

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



The years of 2054, June 1st, Monday night, state of Michigan Garvin st, Emergency call from local authority, Says¨Hi my name is Steve, I hard mass shooting in my neighbor's house and few guys just got out of my neighbor's house and pulling out¨ Police arrived in few minutes later, Police investigate that the boy who is shot to death, he is 26 years old Barry, police are still looking for shooter and what is the reason behind this mass shooting, police said that ¨this shooting caused by his closest relative or friends because on base on the evidence that they collect from the house, for example police found that the door was closed and while the criminal arrive and it has not cursed on any part of the door because if the criminal was an outsider which Barry didn't know him, the criminal could break the door to go inside to killed him and police predicted that the criminal was a relative or close friends because police said ¨Barry know him, and his trust made him open the door for them to come in and as I was looking at the table I saw four cups of coffee.

 Police said ¨As we collect all the evidence we went back to our lab and police station to look up the information, We couldn't find any information or trace about others that run away from this mess shooting. While police are writing and researching and getting evidence together, they came up with a plan to go to Barry house to look close to each item that has been place, to find any kind of trance of hand, blood or DNA, a day later they found some key clue, the clue is that they found is one key chain, blood left in the door handle, A hat found in the kitchen and 5 bullets found on the floor but two have been used in Barry body and other three just left on the floor and as all are being tested and collecting evidence.

hile all agent are looking up to two question that, ¨why did he killed him¨ ¨what does he wants from him¨ As they investigating closely they are looking forward to get more information, So they are few agents that are working together on this case, So each agent's are looking for main reason why this happen, Each agent's went for Barry families, his friend and relative to get more information about Barry.

 Agents John went after his family, Barry family told his that ¨he was a good kid until he meets Harry, his friend, his father told them he became suddenly rich and move out of my house after two months of meeting Harry, I saw them they were so close to each other like a little brother and older brother trying to work together.

His sister told agent john that ¨he changed a lot after he meet Harry, after the day all agents went back to their office and trying to pulled together and agents are trying to reach out to Barry friend Harry but no answer or not even finding his address or anything of Harry, That's when all agents are thinking that Harry must be involve with this situation, or why would he hide himself,

Now that police have some conclusion about the victim and criminal, they are looking for what was the relationship between Harry and Barry, And agents stev are going more deeper to find what's really going on with this murder, agents stev visited the lab and ask them if they found any types of link of others member of this group of people´s, number, name or anything, lab told agents stev that they found some names in Barry bedroom, The names are Xavier, Dustin, Hurley and Ronnie and officer left the lab research center and went back to his office, and couple of hours later steve and two others agent went out Xavier, Dustin, Hurley and Roni house but Hurley and Ronnie was the smartest kid they left the country before days or so and other two Xavier, Dustin was not able to leave the country because of family situation, and officer steve capture Xavier and Dustin and took them to jail and started questions about the shooting took place in Barry house, first they both deny and officer started threatening him and his family then few hours later they both told the office steve about the whole story behind the shooting,

Xavier said; ¨we six of us are drug dealer, we handle the whole black market as all types of drugs, people order to us and we deliver to the whole country and other countries, we are in this business for a few years now, we all meet in the bar, six of us didn't have enough money at that time and we all got kick out of the bar because we didn't have enough money to spend, after we go kick out of bar we all introduce our self to each other and became close friend then we all had a idea to rob a bank but we fail because we didn't have enough material to do so, like we didn't have enough resources and that's when we change our plan to rob somebody who get cash out from bank, Two week later we found a guy who cash out 2 millions dollars every month for his business purpose, we went after him for these money to start something, we didn't know what were we going to do with these money, So we came up with a plan to hijacks money from a person who was going to cash out money in next morning.

Harry and Barry came up with this Idea, Harry said we going to play a role, each person going to have a play, Harry was a driver for the day, Barry was a fake bank emergency operator for the day, us four ¨Xavier, Dustin, Hurley and Ronnie¨ was a road instructor, where two of us was a road fixture and Hurley and Ronnie was a fake police officer, Hurley and Ronnie pulled over Harry car that he was driving the man limousine, the place where me and Dustin was working on a roadside to give them any assist if they need it, as we watch them, Harry and told the man to step out of the vehicle, the man did but the driver Harry didn't once Harry got the man outside of the vehicle, that´s when Harry pulled the can very hard and Barry told the man stay here I will go catch him, As Barry left the man in the street and went after the limousine which Harry was driving, me and Ronnie closed the road for working reason and we both just hang in there for half an hour to see what happen here, After half an hours we both left the street and went back to our meeting place, and destroyed both car that we were using during the process of hijacking, after we got the money from the car, we went to Russia for a month or so to everything cool down here, when we came back everything was fine, and we planned to open a drug business, because at that time we thought, only way to get rich is partner up with somebody who does these business, We had a contract of one millions dollar with dude name josh, We buy all types of drugs and cocaine from him and sell it to people who are riches and people who can afford our value.


In first years of business we made about 1.5 million dollars, and we have decided to extend our business with more investment, later years or so we bought out our own place of growing and planting marijuana and we bought a place  for $300,000 dollars and years later we have lunches the place and we are getting more client, years later we made double the amount of money we made in first years and out of four of us someone decided to start slacking on money, Which people are taking advantage of taking out money from the check´s and we all came in the board meeting later that night, we were talking about how money are missing from the check and Harry was looking closely to each member of this organization, he was little suspicious about Barry and decide to call on him, for money that is being missing from the bank.

They had a little argument and little bit of fighting during that meeting, then everything was normal next day and Barry gaining more trust from Harry and all other his crew member, the month later Barry took out the big check of 10,000,000 dollars and decided to run away from home and his business partners.

The next day Harry found out that 10,000,000 dollars are missing from the bank and he called every one of them but Barry never receive the call and Harry knew it that Barry was not a person to trust with money.

Year after year goes but Barry never return to home or he was not found anywhere in the united state but Harry and his other four members of that organization never stop doing what they were doing, after a long time, about 6 years later Barry return to city but Harry knew it that Barry are back in city, Harry had so much anger and depression toward him that no one could've stopped him from killing Barry in his house 6 in the afternoon and later this night Harry and Xavier and  Dustin left the country and went to Russia, me (Hurley) and Ronnie stayed here and trying to take care of our own family, but moving to Russia doesn't stop Harry, Xavier, and  Dustin to selling drugs.

Police are getting frustrating about this case because Harry, Xavier, and Dustin are a runaway and they are running out of time, So state police decided to hand over the case to FBI Intelligence to deal over with them.

One of the most top FBI intelligence agent Chester, he has been the most intelligence agent in the squad for 33 years and he took over the case to solve it and trying to catch all three of them ¨Harry, Xavier and Dustin¨. Agent Chester has an Idea to bring them back to U.S and catch them instead of going after them in Russia because it might cause a lot of problem in Russia, So he told all of the others agents to go through all the information on the document that state police summed and find what he does for living, They found out that he does marketing all types of drugs to worldwide and it's a big problem because he is committed crime and him do drug which is wrong for the country and against the laws.

Agent Chester has decided to play alone with him, find him and marketing drugs with him to get close to and earn his trust, So a few months later agent Chester found out where he live in Russia and agent Chester decided to to move to Russia for few month, Chester made a fake Identity when he went to Russia to become a business partner of Harry and Xavier and Dustin. After moving to Russia Agent Chester have been contracting to Harry and his friend to have a meeting to about business, detective Chester made almost 100 thousand dollar purchase drugs from Harry and became close friend, Chester told Harry I might need some more next month, as Harry believing in him.

Harry have one problem that he trust people so usually and become friendly with them in just few days of experience, As Agent Chester has left the country and went back to U.S because he did successfully what he had to do, Now Agent Chester plan is to get him out of this country and move back to U.S, So everything is easy for Agent Chester.

Agent Chester made a clear call to Harry told him you should come to U.S, we need to talk more about our business because I would like work with you more If you come I will give you everything you need security and everything you need. But Harry and his friends didn´t agree with him begging because Harry knew it that ¨he run away from U.S after killing his friend over making few mistake, now he don't wanna go and get catch, but Agent Chester made very clear that he will give him security if he needs it, Harry agreed to move to U.S for two months for business purpose.

Once Harry and his friend move to U.S and went to meet Chester and Agent Chester give him a house to live and this house was full of mini security is hidden camera everywhere placed in the room to watch Harry and Xavier and  Dustin.

The next day they called for meeting to extend their business in America too and Agenda Chester told Harry he will with them if you give him introrse of what they pay their self, Harry, and his friend are more inspired to work with Chester because they think agent Chester is smart guy, and if they work with him they could make more money, they decided to work with him.

As agent Chester are getting close to getting all evident from him that he does drug dealing all over the world wide and he is capable of killing people when they are rising above him or have some issue with them, Harry have been killing people since 5 years from now, Chester ruined a test on him and found out that he has been involved with 35 other crimes and responsible of 25 people death.

Agent Chester giving his comfort, security and gaining his trust, as they are collecting all evidence of murder and crimes, So agent Chester could end everything once for all, ¨Chester came up with an Idea¨”His Idea was to get him in the wear house to, And to the other side of the story of agent Chester got everything that he needs to put Harry in the traps and make him pay for everything that he has done wrong.

The next day was the big day for Agent Chester to give Harry end end of wrong business and give him time to reflect himself on what he been done so long, Agent Chester call Harry later that night, to conform him they need to have a meeting in the wear house where they meet few day age, Agent Chester said tomorrow 2:00 pm don't be late this is urgent meeting, for our business before we launch everything in here, And Harry agreed to come just like what Chester said, but this was a agent Chester trap to catch him easily, Agent Chester made announcement to his FBI intelligence squad that they are taking action on tomorrow at 2:00 pm in the warehouse but Harry didn't know anything about this traps that agent Chester set for him, The next day at 2:00 pm in the afternoon Harry went to the warehouse with his friends Xavier and Dustin and only two person were inside agent Chester and one of his FBI intelligence, the Harry started to get panic as he saw nothing in the wear-house and agent Chester have a name tag that says ¨Agent Chester¨ but Agent Chester call him and told him have a sit we got a lot to talk about, but Harry and Xavier and Dustin are worrying about what's going on, as agent Chester explain everything to to Harry and Xavier and Dustin that it was a trap for them to catch them for all the crime that they have been commenting and few minutes later agent Chester give him a file of Barry death photo and information about him. Harry try to get up and run away from this situation but FBI was surrendered by the wear house, When Harry, Xavier, and Dustin catch they took him to jail and next day they took him to courthouse for his penalty, as agent give judge all the evidence he collect and he was responsible for 25 people death, as everything was true, judge give him life in prison to reflect himself.

After this case was an end of the story, Agent Chester has been naming the best agent in the squad and he got a reward from the FBI intelligence organization for all his hard works, agent Chester recipe two million dollars from the company.


© Copyright 2020 Nizam Uddin. All rights reserved.

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