Annabelle Joanne King

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Oh, sweet Annabelle
sitting by the shore.
She surely notices me.
She must!
For we are,
as you say,

Poor, helpless, Annabelle Joanna King.

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



I walked up to meet her
as she stood by the sea;
golden hair dritfing,
spinning in the wind.
My "best friend," Annabelle.

Annabelle Joanna King;
Daughter of the Queen.
Fair Queen Lisa.
Fair and lovely Queen Lisa.
Daughter of the King.

Great King Joesph
Great and wise King Joesph,
whom I met before Annabelle,
or Queen Lisa, or even any other of the townsfolk.
I met King Joesph.

This kingdom by the sea is not very nice.
The people are crude murderers.
I wish I could talk to King or Queen, but,
alas, they are not with us.
Not today, anyways.

For, my mother was a mad woman
and taught me everything.
Everything in murder;
everything in crime.
My mother was a great woman.

So one night, I went, but
to where, might one ask.
To Annabelle. Her parents were...
Let's just say I know whom did it...
and where this might've happened.
Sweet, sweet, mother.

I go to Annabelle.
"Hello, sweet Bella. How art thou?
Why would a lovely lady like you
be alone? You might be..."
"I might be what?" Annabelle pondered.
"This!" I replied, grabbing her throat.

"Darla, just know this..." she started.
"No matter what, you will always be
my... best... friend"

I was growing fond of Annabelle.
But my senses took me over.
"Goodbye, Annabelle."
"That's Annabelle... Joanna... King,
to you, my friend." she replied,
giving me a smile smile.
She died smiling! How dare she?!?

I then dropped her in the sea.
People searched.
I left town. I am Darla.
Darla Marceline King.
The sister of the beloved,

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