No Regrets.

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Short Paragraphed Essay for Psych Class on "Reflections of Self".

Submitted: August 31, 2008

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Submitted: August 31, 2008



With the given assignment being; choose a moment in your past that you regret or would like to change,
she is personally at a standstill. Her life is full of would-be regrets and mistakes, but by eliminating just the slightest fault,
she wouldcompromise the lessons learned by consequence.

There are several incidents in which she could have acted a little nicer, more polite. She could have shown a
little more respect or courtesy towards another. But in her subconscious eyes, each slip-up, each insolent remark
was an opportunity to take hold of. A chance to grow and accept the knowledge that comes with the corollary of
her choices. Her beliefs poise against changing the past anyway, that all things happen for a reason.

By reaching into the past and choosing a single memory to reflect upon, you bias your passage into the future.
Don’t get her wrong, planning ahead is a smart thing to do, but by trying to change something already “set in stone“,
is in her mind, ignorant and ill-conceived. Idealistically, time machines would be quite the invention. But she, being
part pessimist, part realist, sees past the face of time-traveling's allure and reads the inner-mechanisms of the clock.

Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything;
You are you and that is the beginning and the end -
no apologies, no regrets. -Henry A. Kissinger

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