The Journal of The Drawcansir

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This is the Journal for The Drawcansir

The Journal of The Drawcansir

Found in the ruins of the ruins of a time capsule

Day 1. I found this notebook just on the ground…..ok maybe it was in someone’s house…but still, I found it, maybe I should write in it…hmmm a little about myself, I guess? I am 14 years old, I looked into the vortex a few years ago and I didn’t really flinch or anything, it was amazing, but I’ve heard rumors that people have gone insane from it….it is scary….. I am in training to become a Timelord, which is very hard, so that is why I steal, it calms me. I do not have a name, my parents died before they could name me, but people call me Draw, apparently it means friend here, so I am planning to go through a dictionary or two to find an actual good name.


Day 2. Well,  I am going to try to make this a routine, I am keeping track of my days so far, but I might forget, so forgive me if I do…well who am I even talking to, myself? Ha…no one would ever read this. Well, tomorrow I will be doing more training, it is going to be horrible, but we went to, “The Bubble” (that is what I call it) and into the council room, I managed to steal this really cool coat! It is red with gold on it, it is just amazing, although it doesn’t fit, when I become a Timelord, I am going to wear it!


Day 36. Ok, I admit, I forgot this stupid journal existed, but let us talk about what has happened in the last month. Let’s see, hmmm, oh, I was busted for stealing a fruit and punished! Stupid, isn’t it? It was just a small…cart…of fruit and I was hungry, so naturally, I took it….with force…..and only two injuries….but still, a suspension from the academy is just stupid! I go back tomorrow, but I got tons of paperwork to do. Ugh.


Day….I forgot. Ok, yes, yes, I forgot how many days it has been, so what? I think I am just going to write in this and just not put the day number, it seems stupid now. And now for some news. I was accepted into the next grade level and now I am serving my final year of this stupid academy. They trained me way too hard, I just hope I get to be a Timelord soon! It is coming soon, I know it is.


Today I was walking through the hallway and some idiot knocked my books right out of my hands and just walked off. I didn’t do anything to him, it is just plain stupid. I wish he’d just…die…yeah…I wish he’d just die. Makes me angry whenever I think about it.


It is my birthday today! I am turning 16! Two more years until I become an official Timelord! Yeahhh! I have been so busy studying that I just forgot to write down stuff, I won’t have much time soon either, so see you next chance I get! I really need to stop talking to my journal like that.


Yes, I admit, I have a temper, yes, I do admit when I get mad I punch people. Yes, someone did push me and I punched them, breaking their nose, but really, they had it coming! I am now suspended…again… that is why I am writing, everything is done and my studying is caught up to date. Nothing else has really happened recently, nothing worth writing about anyway. Well, see you later, Journal.


This paperwork is horrible! I mean how am I supposed to know what the formula of time travel divided by 4 is? I don’t even know the formula for time travel!  Ugh, I hate this homework, but if it makes me a true Timelord, I guess I got to do it.


I talked to a man today, he was on the streets, I asked him about school when he was my age, he said that school is just the same, and them saying the it makes you a true Timelord is a bunch of bull crap. Well, there is a full 13 years down the drain. I also met this one really beautiful chick named Lisa….very nice girl…..I like her, I think I will ask her out!


Ok, yes, I am a very big idiot, I went up to her and just couldn’t ask her, something about her makes me very scared to ask her, even though she always talks to me. God, I am just a big mistake, I stopped working on all my work, I started only thinking about Lisa, I even started going onto the street and taking something called, “Water regeneration”, yes very cheesy, but it tastes like water but feels like your bones and skin are on fire! It is good to advance the nerves. Too bad it’s illegal. Apparently, it gives you a high that you will never remember and that it can kill you. Ha.


So, I might have talked to Lisa a little too much and I think she might only think of me as a friend. I am one big idiot, aren’t I! Ugh, such an idiot! Why would I even do that? I can’t back off now! My grades took a turn for the worst; I most likely will get expelled. Oh well. I keep going to the museum and looking at the time capsules, they are just amazing, aren’t they? Bigger on the inside then the out? I even took a class on how to fly one; it is amazingly easy and difficult. I could fly one if I wanted too.  Well, talk to you next time something cool happens!


Wow, this thing is dusty. I was digging through my old chest and found this thing; I have been looking for this for YEARS. I was expelled and kicked out of my free dorm at the academy and forced to live on the streets, I kept this thing in my supplies forever but I never had time or any writing utensils to write in it, I found a place to stay a few months ago and started going through my stuff again. Here is a little about me now, I am 18, which is still a little baby to society standards, and I also am living with a friend! He is really cool for letting me stay here, I got tons of work to do, have to make rent somehow. See you later, Journal. Oh a quick note, everything is kind of hectic right now, and I do not have time to write anymore, plus my life is boring now, so I will write again in like…either a few months to a year.


Hey, it’s me again, I am here again, but nothing has been happening for like….what? Three years? I felt no need to write anything down, plus, if I have anything on my mind, I tell me friend, he is like a brother too me! Anyway, reports came in from the council today of a war about to happen? Involves the Daleks or something? Big bug-eyed robots? I do not know, but they are having a draft, I hope I get lucky! I will tell you the results later, Journal, see you!


I got drafted. I got picked to go into the army. I do not want to go to the army….I wonder if I lay low maybe they will ignore me and not come find me! Yeah…let’s try that….I have never even held one of those big guns in my life. Very scary. Big robot’s do not sound scary though, I doubt they even need me.



They found me. Not only did the army bust down my door and drag me out with only one belonging (this journal) , but those big eyed robots are actually very tough, I have seen so many men just be taken out…..I can’t even think about it anymore. I found Lisa, we have been fighting together, and maybe I can ask her out this time. Maybe.


They attack, they kill, and they destroy. The bubble is damaged. My old home? Gone. I went back to find my friend, and all I found was a decomposed corpse of a man I am guessing. The place was a total wreck. I managed to savage some of my old stuff, but nothing super important. My friend is dead. He did so much and he just dies like that? It isn’t fair. I am going to kill them, I will kill them all. Lisa and I are going on a scouting trip tomorrow; I am going to ask her out! Finally. Write you later, Journal.


She is dead; I sat there and watched her die. A Dalek just came out of nowhere…and it just shot with no hesitation, and she just died, no chance of survival. Oh my god. I had just asked her too….. She looked so happy…and she just…..why? I travelled to the museum with her body; I had to make sure she was properly put to rest. I found a capsule and just went in. I have flown this one before, I looked at its wiring, it is a very advanced one, no faults. It is just amazing. With the flick of some levers and the pushing of some buttons, she was gone. I put Lisa onto a pedestal and ran a special Program, and then the machine spoke, and it spoke these exact words, “Downloading life form into database. Name: Lisa abantaion Race: Gallifraian. Gender: Female Personality downloaded. Memories synced. Download 100% completed. Hello Draw, nice to see you again, and for the answer. Yes”

I am officially done with this journal. If you find this journal, then congrats. You might have stumbled across my destroyed ship, and I have taken the liberty of calling her LISAT. While, I might be dating a machine, but Lisa IS the machine, so it is okay…right? Anyway, Journal, you were great, I will always keep you around. Goodbye.




Journal appears to be in perfect condition, now escorting it to high security compound. Ship appears to be in critical condition, just crashed; it has also been escorted to a high security compound. To be locked up until we can study it further.




Submitted: June 16, 2015

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