The Captain's Log- Part 1

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The ship has been roaming the stormy lands, and surviving, with no captain, a dreaming crew, and out-of-date instruments , just by pure chance. This is the log of a Captain that finally stepped aboard this lucky ship to set it strait and put it back in it's rightful place.

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



Hello! This is Jack O'Mellon abroad the ship life. This will be my seventh journey aboard any craft, by my first on life. She is a sturdy ship, been goin' since before my time, and will be runnen long after I depart. Those who have been aboard longer tell stories of those who have left and of places and things they have never before seen. What I find strangest is that they do not even seem to know that they are even on a ship at all. They always speak of this upcoming death, which i do not fully understand. It also seems that this is the first time for anyone on this wonderful craft to ever have sailed. When we set sail from port Yaznok I was all alone, but later things started to come about and I am well adapted to this new body. the people are amazed that I can already talk, but it is quite difficult at this time. I have nurses caring for me at the moment, but they are away so I can recode my observations, like any old captain knows to do, especially on a new ship with a new crew. I don't know how long this ship has been sailing without one, but it seems like they need to wake up and get some work done. this is not the ship of dreams they are riding. this is the ship of life, and they'll be steering.

Noah Mann

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