Polly and Gordon forever

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man's fight to get the girl he loves with all the probloms and people that try to stop him.

Polly and Gordon Forever

Polly wants some food. What could I make for her? I haven't been to the grocery store for so long, ever since I've been taking care of her. She's been in bed for almost two weeks. I'm trying to do my best to help her but she's very sick. She is so sick that she doesn’t even let me help her. Me! The love of her life, I would do anything to help her all I want is that she will get better and we can go back to how it was before. Before… everything was great before.

I met her at work, it was her first day, she just got the new cashier job at the store. I gave just one look at her and I knew she needs to be mine. I knew I was just a cleaning boy and she wouldn't give a second look at me, but I had to try. She is the one for me.

I stared at her for maybe about an hour 'till I had the guts to go and talk to her. I tried saying "hi" but all that came out of my mouth was a weird mumbling sound. Luckily for me she hadn't noticed or she was just being nice and said "hi nice to meet you I'm Paulina I'm the new cashier here".

"Hi I'm Gordon it's very nice to meet you Paulina"

"Oh please you can call me Polly"

"I like it even better" she smiled. Her smile was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. All I wanted to do from that day is make her smile. To see her blue eyes sparkle and her face light up.

Sadly Megan came to ruin our lovely first meeting.

"Don't worry about him Polly I will get this weirdo away from you. Don't scare the new girl away Gordon. Go back to your work." She "shooed" me with her hand.

"Don't worry Megan he isn't bothering me" Polly said and looked at me with her perfect eyes again.

But it hadn't changed Megan's mind "trust me he will bother you" she said and took her away from me.  

From that day Polly was always "protected" by Megan. I couldn't get near her. I had just spent my weeks looking at her hoping that I could get her alone and talk to her. I wanted to show her the real me, to show her that I'm a nice guy that she would be happy to be with.

 After the third week that I hadn't talked to her I knew I had to act. I can't just wait for a moment to catch her alone I had to do something.

I looked at my watch. It was almost the end of the shift. I need to think of something. Suddenly a plan came to me. A plan that would benefit everyone.

I went to John, the assistant manager, he had just broke up with his girlfriend and I know his been looking for some new girl to replace her.

"Hi john"

He didn't even look at me. He just said "Oh hi Gordon, what do you want?"

"Me? I don't need anything from you. I came here to help you."

"How could you help me?"

"I know that you broke up with Karen, and…"

He finally looked at me, but with eyes that were ready to kill "What makes you think that you can come here and say that! I will fire your ass if you don't leave right now!"

"I only want to help you"

He was now an inch from my face. His dark eyes staring in to me with anger. "Do you want me to fire you? I don't need your fucking help! Now get the fuck out of here!"

I knew that the smart thing to do would be to leave, but I couldn't back out now. I have to do this. "I'm sorry I only wanted to tell you that Megan seems to be in to you and I think that she can help you get over kare…" he grabed my shirt and threw me on the wall.

"You're lucky I feel too sorry for you to fire you" he said and left me.

Even though he didn't like me talking to him he still went for it. He was talking with Megan and they actually seemed to hit it off. I knew I could trust a broken hurt.

Now was my chance. Megan is finally not in my way, I must talk to Polly.

I went to her cash register, but she was not there. I looked to see where she was. I thought I lost my only chance, until I saw her walking in the parking lot. I ran out to catch her.

"I thought I lost you" I said breathing heavily.

 "Don't worry you'll never lose me" she said smiling. "But what do you need me for?"

"I just wanted to talk to you a bit. Because I didn't have the chance since your first day here"

"Yeah I'm sorry Megan is a little over protective. What do you wanna talk about?"

"Just to know you a bit"

We came close to her car already when she told me in which school she studied in Minnesota. She opened her car.

"Well this is my car and I have to get home. It was really nice to talk to you Gordon, we should do it more often".

I was so angry. My plan hadn't worked as I had planned. She was about to leave. And I hadn't even made her realize that there's something between us. I had to do something. I had no idea what to do. And so I had just gone with my instincts.

I kissed her.

At first she was surprised. she didn't expect me to kiss her but after a while she gave in and kissed me back. It was the best kiss I ever had. It was amazing to be so close to her, to finally get what I wanted all this time.

"Wow" she said.

"I know it was amazing"

"Yeah, well I still need to get home. But I'll talk to you tomorrow" she got in the car.

"I can't wait" I said and kissed her again. I really couldn't wait. Finally I felt like something was going right in my life. And actually that thing, her, made me feel like everything was going to be ok.

The next day I came to work early. I couldn't wait to see her. I stood looking at her cash register waiting for her to come.

But when she came that horrible Megan was with her and when I tried to get to her Megan screamed at me to go away.

I was devastated. It hadn't worked, I still had to work hard so that we could be together. But I knew that every relationship has it's problems. We are the Romeo and Juliet of our time. We must be together.

I hadn't had a chance to talk to her for the next week and a half. I was depressed and I felt lost. I started to think that I would never have the chance to make us work.

But then I got my chance, Megan was sick. I could finally talk to her. All of that day I thought about what to say, how to say it when to say it. And I had time to do so because Polly was very busy that day either with costumers or with other employees. I had to wait till the end of her shift to talk to her.

When I saw her getting out of the store I started walking after her. My hurt was pumping, I was so nervous. That I thought I might faint.

I grabed her hand "Oh hi Gordon" she said silently.

"Hi, finally I get to talk to you. I missed you so much. We must make it work somehow. We must go on a date. And now, or we will never have another chance." She looked a bit surprised. That Megan must have convinced her to not go out with me.

I grabed her hand and begged "Please Polly, just one date. Let me show you I'm not what you think I am"

"Ok, one date." I was so happy. Finally I have the chance to prove to her I'm not who she thinks I am.

The drive to my house was a bit awkward. I tried to start a conversation a few times but it hadn't worked that well.

We got to my house and ordered Chinese. She looked uncomfortable.

" I know it's not much, but it's not that bad for a cleaning man" I said trying  to make her more comfortable. It didn't work. She just nodded and stayed quite. I hadn't known she was so shy.

I have to do something to make her more comfortable.

And so I kissed her.

It was maybe not the smartest idea but it worked. She was surprised but she liked it. I could feel that finally I made her see me in a different light.

I started undressing her and took her to my bed. She was so shy again but once we started she started enjoying it. I never had a woman enjoy me like she did. I had actually made her scream. The delivery boy knocked and knocked but we didn't care.

The next morning I woke up I was the happiest man on earth. There she was lying next to me. She is so beautiful, I thought. I looked at her for so long trying to take it all in.

She woke up. "Good morning how did you sleep?" I said.

"good. you?"

"I was sleeping next to you, I had the best sleep in my life." That made her smile.

"We need to get to work it's already 8 o'clock"

"No, let's stay in bed together like this. We'll both call in sick"

"No Gordon I need to get to work I had a really nice time but I must go."

I touched her and said " please don't go, I want to stay with you like this only today we'll go to work tomorrow."

She wasn't sure but I had managed to convince her "fine Gordon you win. I'll call in sick and stay."

We spent that whole day in bed being with each other and learning about one another. Polly stayed the next night too. I was so happy ,my dream girl was finally with me.

But that dream didn't last for long.

The next morning Polly got sick. She wanted to go home but I convinced her that going home alone in her condition was not wise. I told her to stay in bed and let me take care of her. She stayed and I made her some soup and gave her pills. I thought it would help but the next day she was still sick. I started to think that she was coming down with something serious. I knew the most important thing now is to take care of her.

I called work. John answered.

" hi john I won't be coming to work this week and maybe the next one too. My mom is really sick and I need to help her."

"what?! Are you serious?!" he yelled at the phone. "what makes you think you can just do that?! You're telling me this now?! You're already late and after you called in "sick" yesterday?! No you're fucking fired! Don't even think of coming back here!" he hung up.

What am I going to do? I need this job. No! I must help Polly. I must get her better. It's probably my fault that she's sick.

I went back to the room. She was sweating on the bed she looked as if she was fading away.

"how did it go with john?" she asked.

"he understood the situation and told me there's no problem"

"really because it sounded like he was angry?" it's funny that even at her state she still cares about me

"no it was ok" I took a towel and wiped the sweat from her head.

"good I want him to understand that you're taking care of me" she said and fell asleep.

It's been two weeks from that day and she still hadn't gotten any better. She even got sicker. I hadn't been out of the house at all I've been at her bed side all this time and we've finished all of the food in the house. I must go out to buy groceries and some meds.

"Polly I'm going out to buy some stuff for us ok?"

"ahmm" she said in the weakest voice I had ever heard. She got so skinny in these two weeks. I kissed her boiling forehead and went to the door."

"Gordon?" she coughed.

"yes what's wrong?"

"I just wanted to know if the people at work asked about me?" She had been asking this every day.

" yes I told them you were getting better and they all wished you to get better."

" oh that’s nice" she didn’t smile. She can't smile. I can't make her smile. I must get her the meds and make her smile again.

" and Gordon when will you come back?"

"In about an hour. I'll do it as fast as I can I promise."

I took all the cash that I had at home and went.

I got to the pharmacy as fast as I could and bought all the meds I thought would help and I bought some food too.

On my way home I thought of all the happy times that we had our first date, our first time being together, the days we spent together in bed.

 How could it all just go away? Why me? The one thing that made me happy in this life and I'm losing it.

Please god if you would make her better I will do anything I'll be good I promise I just don't want to lose her.

I went inside. "Polly I'm back!" she didn't answer she's probably asleep. I went in her room.

She was gone.

"Polly where are you?" I screamed. "Polly?!". She didn't answer. Where could she have gone? She's in no condition to leave the bed.

And then I saw it. The whole apartment was a mess she probably went out. How could she do this? Leave me I am her soul mate she said so. She stayed with me she loves me. How could she leave me? It was that Megan she must of got to her somehow and made her think she doesn't love me. She loves me! I know it. It must have been that Megan.

I went out to look for her she couldn't have been that far away.

I'm going to kill that Megan after I bring back Polly. I can never let her ruin our lives again.

I looked for about ten minutes. She really hadn't gotten that far, she was just a block from my apartment. She was limping fast like she was trying to get away from me.

"Polly!" I screamed "I'm here don't worry. I brought food and meds. Please come back." She looked back at me and started running. She fell right away. I ran to help her.

"No, no, no please Gordon leave me alone" she cried.

"Don't worry Polly I'm here to help you" I said to try and calm her down.

"No Gordon please… help! Somebody help me!" she screamed.

I put my hand on her mouth. she tried to resist " what are you doing? Are you crazy?"

"You're crazy! I just want to go home. please please leave me alone" people started looking at us.

"This is how you repay me after everything I had done for you?" how dare she? Megan must have really gotten to her.

"You've done for me nothing but ruin my life. You kidnaped me raped me hurt me! You've almost killed me!" she must be delusional I had done nothing but help her.

"Come on Polly you're sick you're talking nonsense. You know that I love you and you love me"

She pushed me off her and I fell to the ground "I don't love you! You're just crazy! I could never love someone like you!"

How could she say that? She loves me I know that. She's the crazy one. She's delusional. She loves me!

I looked at her. She stared at me as if I was the worst man in the world. People started coming towards us. 

Maybe it's too late to save her. Maybe the sickness has made her insane. I need to help her, I love her I must help her. set her free from this madness.

I stood up. I took out my gun and pointed it at her. People screamed and ran away.

"No please Gordon" she cried "don't do this please. You love me remember? Please don't do this"

I held my tears. it was so hard to do this. But I had to. "I do love you and you love me. But this sickness has made you insane. I must set you free so you could be healthy again."

She only managed to release a little scream before the bullet went through her head. I put two more bullets in her to be sure that she will be healthy.

Everyone scattered and ran away. They must think I'm the bad guy. But they don't know that everything I did I did because I love her. I love her so much that life without her are worth nothing. I must be with her.

Now she will be healthy and we will be together forever.

Submitted: May 31, 2014

© Copyright 2021 noah nonomus. All rights reserved.

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Brilliant writing. It touched deep. There is an ongoing short story contest-http://www.tallenge.com/contest/literaturestorycontest2.html would you like to join? It's free to enter. Get global audience and $100 to win!

Sat, May 31st, 2014 9:56am

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