the sniper

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A letter from a sniper to his target's son

Submitted: November 18, 2013

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Submitted: November 18, 2013



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I'm shooting your father. You do not deserve it. But you must understand, I must do this. I do not do this because I like it. It is my duty, I do this because I was ordered to, because your father is a bad man, because I must.

You do not deserve to be an orphan because there are bad people in the world. Neither does your mom deserves to be a widow. But I must.

I must, to protect my country, my friends, my family. I must do this so that you would be safe.

I don't know much about you, but I know enough to not want to do this.

You are just a boy who has done nothing wrong but to be his son, and yet you will suffer for it.

I hope that if we shall meet you will not hate me, you wouldn't be angry at me, I hope that you would understand me.

Understand that what I'm doing is for the good of the many, just not the good of you.

I hope that his death will make you want to be better than him, and will not lead you down his path.

You must understand I am an orphan like you are going to be. I know your suffering, I had no mother nor father. I lived alone all my life fighting to survive. In the end I had decided to fight here so that no more kids will have to go what I went through. Never had I imagined causing this pain to others.

Laying here looking at him I wander which death will cause more death, his or mine. I have nothing to return to, no family, no wife, no kids and even my friends will forget me soon enough. However if I will pull this trigger I shell destroy a family and only create more hate. But most important I will probably ruin your life. And your pain will only make you like your father.

Standing here I have decided I will pull the trigger.


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