Liberation Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's 2032, and the United States of America have dissipated into the Unified Districts of Ardam with the coming of the now Emperor Mirat. As a result, the Separatist Liberation Movement, an organized rebellion against the UDA, has gained much popularity in the recent year, many enlisting in the revolt. Making their way to the District of Embraya, the source of the SLM, they fight to help restore the country's former glory.

But what happens to freedom seekers when Embraya is wiped out?

Allen Parker and Blitz Elza are two such freedom seekers. Driven to join the SLM, they are accompanied by General Dimitri Cherzevok and Corporal Sean Omith, and fight to remove Mirat from power and destroy the UDA.

During this time, Matthew Lucas, new president of the SLM, assumes his place in the government. However, with this change in the movement's government comes suspicion of treachery and betrayal to the rebellion.

While the SLM's remaining members' focus switches from revenge and taking their country back to securing the only thread of hope that they have left, the traitors must be weeded out. Liberty must prevail. And Parker and Elza may be the ones responsible for delivering it.

Table of Contents

District of Embraya

Part One Chapter 1 – District of Embraya The rocket exploded in a flurry of light, shrapnel, and heat before t... Read Chapter

Bomb Squad

Chapter Two - Bomb Squad The AC-L shuddered with such ferocity that Allen nearly fell from his seat were it not for his belt. ... Read Chapter

The Outpost

Chapter Three - The Outpost A small group of UDA soldiers had amassed inside the entryway, firing. SLM troops were shot dead before t... Read Chapter