Feeling of Soul

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Being in love with a special someone

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



First time I seen your blaze of beauty

It's like being mesmerized of essence

The chocholate complexion just make me have a graze of cloud nine

Listening to your voice on the phone makes my soul

Quiver and desire you more the I anticipate

Cause me to have the use of an "special" friend to affix the pleasure


The sight of your presence and look you envision me gives me butterflies as if I was thirteen all over again

Embracing and sensual kissing of one's lips cause my heart to boil like a rage of fire

 Feeling the heat between us through the conjoined of our bodies as if we're in a world of our own

Our other souls will rise as high as cloud nine would take us


My lips touching you on the right spots which have me heed your sounds of expression

Like Tupac would say,"It's just me against the world"

For you and I our

world constitutes of us when we're alone in more ways than one

Drinking a bottle of Alize just to colabrate the moment

Laying on the bed feeling a mist of breeze blaze through the window

Yet, body jumping the empowerment and full of estacy


Take heed of the moan which gives me the sensation of sweat

The horiness inside me wants to erupt like a lava volcano

I want to be of equality and soul

For I'm of actions not based upon words alone


To exceed as far as you and I would go upon the ladder of interest and relationship

Going all over the state with you and I would be estatic

Like you and I riding the greyhound bus from state to state

Observance is a special key for a real man or woman


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